About Me

I am Sandeep Singh. I did my graduation & postgraduate in Computer Science.

I love the teaching profession. I enjoyed my teaching profession so much. Teaching gave me the chance to learn new things every day.

I worked as Competitive Exams Teach in Punjab for almost 2 years. I cleared the government exams of Punjab Government.

I have quite good knowledge about the Punjab Government Exams because I also prepared for these exams. And I  am still analyzing the Sarkari Exams of Punjab Government to check what is examiner is asking and what is the pattern of these exams.

I also started my preparation journey as a beginner. I was an average student. I did not take any coaching at all. I took all the guidance from the internet & my friends.

After a few months, I got a good knowledge of competitive exams.

One important thing, Everyone has to face problems.

I also face many problems when I was preparing. In the first few exams, I did not get success and face failures.

But, I did not lose my heart and confidence because I knew that I can do it.

After that, I analyzed my strategies and prepared smartly for these exams. These strategies worked for me. Now, my confidence was at a high level.

Then, I got a job offer from an institution to work as a competitive exam teacher. I accepted this job offer and started my job.

At that time, I was teaching and preparing my exams both at the same time.

I had the knowledge but there were no exams of Punjab Govt. at that time. As we know most of the exams come when there is an election in the state.

I wait for these exams because I want to do the job in Punjab Govt. Departments only. And finally, the opportunities came in front of me and I got my destination.

Now, I want to help the other student to get a government job in Punjab. I will help you with free study material as well as through my knowledge.