Best Math Teacher for SSC CGL on Youtube

The time has been changed. Now, the popularity of Offline studies has decreased due to online studies. Online study has its own advantages and disadvantages. This study works for some and does not work for others.

Moreover, you should be careful to choose your teacher in online study especially the subjects like Math. Math is a very crucial subject for the SSC CGL. That’s why I give you some tips to choose the teacher online at the bottom of this article.

All the teachers are goods in their field which I will tell you below. It’s you who will find which teacher teaching methods work for you.

The best Math Teacher for SSC CGL on Youtube

01. Rakesh Yadav: This is a very famous name on Youtube for SCC. He is a good person with great knowledge about his subject Math.

Some Information about Rakesh Yadav.

  • Graduate in Mathematics Honors.
  • Works as Government Teacher
  • Cracked SSC CGL as Income Tax Inspector.

Qualities Of Rakesh Yadav as Math Teacher:

He starts from basic and goes to a high level.
He is good for Arts, Science, and Other stream students.
Weak, Beginner and Non-Math Students in Mathematics are always comfortable.
Best in Arithmetic.
Overall very good teacher.

He has provided detailed lectures on two topics of math i.e. Percentage and Compound Interest on Youtube. On the basics of these lectures, you can judge him as Math Teacher for yourself.

02. Gagn Partap Singh: He is another young Math teacher for SCC. His teaching style is different from others. He is fast and has good knowledge of his field.

General Information:

  • Primary Educatin in Goverment School.
  • B.Tech from Ghaziabad.
  • 2.5M Subscriber on Youtube.


  • High Level Study..
  • He is able to give clarity of High Level Concept with pace.
  • Start from Medium Level and go to High Level.
  • Have great knowlede in Math.
  • Science backgrounds students favorite.
  • He has lot of content which is freely avialbe on Youtube.


01. If you are weak in Math then you can not give first priority to him.

03. Abhinay Sharma: He is another gem on Youtube. He has his own way to solve math problems.

General Information about Abhinay Sharma:

  • Primay & Secondary study from governemnt school.
  • He learnt ABCD from 6th class.
  • 100 marks out of 100 in Math in 10th & 12th Classes.
  • Cleared SSC CGL 5 times with 99% in Quant.
  • Write books for competitve exams.

Qualities of Teaching of Abhinay Sharma:

  • Very good in Advance Math.
  • 60% Content Free on YouTube.
  • Very efficient way to solve questions.
  • Give good short tricks.
  • The tricks are high level.


01. You should have basic knowledge of Math.

04. Pawan Rao: He is a young teacher which is very famous on Youtube as well as Unacademy.

About Pawan Rao:

  • Graduate
  • Clear SSC as Divisional Accountant.

Teaching Qualities of Pawan Rao:

  • 08 Years experience as SSC CGL Math Teacher
  • Write many compitive exams books
  • Unique way to teach
  • Starts teaching from basics.
  • Belive in Concept Clarity
  • Give more Focus on Advance Math.

05. Ramo: He is a good teacher with good teaching skills. He believes in concept clarity rather than bombarding the students with questions.

About Ramo:

  • Cleared IBPS PO
  • 99.99% in CAT Quant.
  • Wrote UPSC Main in 2014.
  • Full time Educator.

Teaching Qualities of Ramo:

  • Love to Teach
  • Concept Based Study
  • Exam Oriented Approach


  • Students should have basic knowledge of basic Math.

How you should choose the right teacher for Math for SSC CGL/CHSL?

It is a tough task to choose the right teacher for yourself. But, the following tips will help you to perform this task.

Tips to choose the right teacher :

  1. Watch Videos: You should not choose the teacher by taking advise from me or from other person. First, you should watch the demo videos of the teacher and then, you should take your decision.
  2. Watch Full Videos: You should watch those videos of the teacher where he explained full concept of the topic. That type videos are lenghry such as Rakesh Yadav Percentage video is about 7 hours. These kind of videos will help you to right decsion for yourself.
  3. Uniqueness: Every body is unique. If some one like Ramo Sir teaching method then it is not necessary that his teaching method also works for you. So, you should not take decision on the recomendation of someone.
  4. Do not rush: You should not take your decsion in rush. First, figure out the pro and cons of the teacher according to your learning capabilites. And, figure out that his teaching method will work for you then take your decision.
  5. All are Good: No teacher is bad. All teacher are good. Everybody is different from others. So, it is possible that someone like Pawan Rao but you are not comfortable with his teaching method. It is natural and it is not the teacher fault. It depends person to person.

In conclusion, All teacher give their best but it works for some while not for others. Moreover, the teacher can guide you only. It is your hard work that will help you to crack the exams. So, you should not over depend upon the teacher.

Please give your suggestions regarding this topic if you have any. So that together, we can help some to choose his teacher.

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