Best Preparation Tips For Punjab Naib Tehsildar 2021

Punjab Naib Tehsildar 2021 is a Group-A post with a handsome starting salary of Rs.35400. This exam is also special because It has no negative marking as well as an interview.

But the competition will be tough. Still, you can crack this exam.

The path to pass this paper goes through 3 factors. First, Reasoning & Math are most important because these are scoring subjects & have an abounded syllabus. Second, Polity, Science, Economy, Geography, Static GK, Current Affairs, & World & Indian History (Especially Indian Modern History) are decisive factors in GS. Third, Multiple revisions (means to revise the topics much time before exams) and Mocks (In exams like conditions) will make your preparation rock solid.

I have given many Punjab Govt. Exams and cleared some of those exams.

Now, I want to share my experience through some preparation tips that will help you in preparation for the Punjab Naib Tehsildar Exam 2021.

Tip 01: Statement Based Questions:

The questions will not be just simple options like other Punjab Govt. Exams. The questions will be statement based. The PPSC will ask 2 or 3 things about the topic. For example,

Which of the following will be the consequences of the declaration of National Emergency by the President?

  1. The President can issue directives to the State Executives.
  2. The President can extend the normal tenure of the Lok Sabha.
  3. The President can suspend all the Fundamental Rights of citizens.
  4. The President can modify the distribution pattern of financial resources between Centre & States.

Choose the correct options from below:

  1.  II & III
  2. I, II & III
  3. I, II, & IV
  4. None of the above.

Ans: C  I, II, & IV

Therefore you should prepare according to this type of questions.

How to prepare for these kinds of questions?

To prepare these kinds of questions, you study the topics thoroughly & deeply.

In other words, you should have concept clarity of the topics. You can not solve the questions with just factual information regarding topics.

Tip 02: Math & Reasoning are Scoring Topics:

Both the math & reasoning are scoring topics because these topics syllabus has some kind of limit. On the other hand, the GS syllabus has no boundary.

It is quite possible that if you are studying some topis of the GS portion from the last 20 days, still it is possible that the examiner does not ask a single question from those topics.

On the other hand, if you are practicing reasoning & math for this time period, there are 100% chances that the examiner can ask many questions from these topics.

Therefore, you can not afford to lose marks from these topics in this tough competition based exam.

Moreover, math can give you an edge over the other candidates because most of the students are weak in mathematics. While the GS can not give you this edge because of two reasons:

  • 1. Nobody can do 100% preparation in GS.
  • 2. GS will be tough for all or easy for all.

The last thing, you should use good sources to prepare math and reasoning topics.

According to me, Quantitative Aptitude by RS Agarwal for Math & Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal are good sources for these two subjects.

Tip 03: Do not run for rare questions:

I have seen many students who are searching for the rare questions of GK. The rare questions are those which are not known to everybody.

To find the rare questions, you will lose a lot of precious time. And, there is quite a high possibility that the examiner will not ask a single question from your prepared rare questions.

Rather than, you should give this time to other important subjects.

Sticking to basics will be more fruitful for you in competitive exams.

Sandeep Singh.

Therefore, you should not run to find rare questions of GS.

Tip04: The importance of GS:

Nobody can ignore the importance of GS in this exam. The examiner will ask 80 questions from the GS.

It is next to impossible to prepare a 100% syllabus of GS because it is vast. Therefore, you should prepare those topics which are asked in PPSC Exams. The important topics of GS are as follows:

  • Economy
  • Polity
  • History (Indian & World)
  • Static GK
  • Geography
  • International Organization (UN, BRICS, & International Court of Justice, etc. )
  • Science
  • Punjab GK
  • Art & Culture
  • Current Affairs, etc.

I advised you that you should prepare Economy Subject well for the PPSC exam.

Because most of the students are not comfortable with the Economy. And, the examiner always aks 08-10 questins from Economy.

In this way, you can get an edge of the other candidates.

One more thing, the examiner will also ask statement questions from Current Affairs, therefore, you should prepare CA well.

Tip5: Read Questions Statements Carefully:

Sometimes students do not read question statements carefully and lose marks. Although, they know the answer to that question.

For example, choose the correct statement from the given statements. But students think that the examiner always asks for an incorrect statement.

Therefore you should be careful about this trap.

Tip 06: Analyse & Solved Previous Paper of PPSC:

If you are analyzing the previous paper of PPSC, then you have huge benefits such as:

  • Understand the Patter of PPSC such as Match the following.
  • Understand the Level of Exams
  • Understand the important topics for PPSC exams.

After analysis of papers, then you should solve those papers. This will boost your confidence and knowledge regarding the exams.

And, it will help you to make your strategy for PPSC Naib Tehsildar 2021 Exam. Moreover, sometimes the examiner repeats the same questions in the exams.

Tip 07: Mocks with OMR:

The mocks always play an important role to crack any exam. This is the secret of toppers. Toppers give a lot of mocks.

You can not check your level of preparation without mocks. And, it will help you to tailor your strategy according to your strength & weakness.

The mocks should be given under exam-like conditions such as time limit & OMR Sheet.

If you are using OMR Sheet in mocks then, you will do those mistakes at home which you will do in exams in OMR Sheet Fillings.

The next step after giving mocks is to the analysis of your mock test. If you do not analyze, then you can not improve your study level.

Giving mocks & analysis of mocks have the same importance. Not giving mock and analyze the mock is the most common mistake of students.

I strongly advised that you should not do this mistake.

Tip 08: Multiple Revisions:

Most of the students do one or two revisions and think that they have remembered all. But actually, in exams, they forget some information and lose some marks.

The solution to this problem is multiple revisions. If you remember most of the information, then you will gain more marks and secure your seat in PPSC Naib Tehsildar Exam 2021.

Tip9: Solve GS Sections First:

I believe that if you solve the GS sections first then, you will reduce the nervousness of the exam, & activate the mind.

Sometimes, the Quant & Reasoning Section takes a lot of time, and students as less time to solve the rest portion of the exam.

Therefore, I believe that GS & other sections should be solved first because it will the feeling that we have solved a lot of paper.

Note: You should also learn the art of skipping in exams.

Because sometimes students waste a lot of time to solve some questions. If you have such a question in any section of the exam then you should skip that question and bookmark or mark on the paper that question to solve that question at the end.

Some people believe that first, a person should play on its strength. i.e. If you are a master of math then you should solve it first. It may be true but it varies from person to person.

To sum up,

These tips will definitely help you in your preparation. It may be also possible that all of the above tips will not help you but some of these tips will definitely applicable in your study.

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