Computer MCQ For Punjab Govt. Exam Part-4

You can also read the mind of the examiner through previous years’ questions. In short, these computer questions are very important as well as useful for the preparation of Punjab Sarkari Naukri. 

Let’s Start’s to solve Computer MCQ For Punjab Govt. Exam 

 1. Which is not a type of operating system? 

     (A) Real Value Operating System

     (B) Distributes Operating System

     (C) Network Operating System

     (D) Time-Sharing Operating System


2. One Mega Byte (MB) is equal to which of the following:

     (A) 1 trillion bytes

     (B) 1048 bytes

     (C) 1024 KB

     (D) 256 KB


3. Which of the following is not a  Disk Operating System (DOS) Command?  

     (A) del

     (B) dir

     (C) how

     (D) format


4. Which of the following technique is popular in academic testing? 

     (A) OMR

     (B) OLE

     (C) OCR

     (D) MICR


5. What type of component may come in the dual-core version?                                  

      (A) RAM

      (B) CPU


      (D) PCI Card


6. Which of the following are sequentially arranged steps for installing software? 

    (A) Download, Run, Install

    (B) Run, Download, Install

    (C) Run, Install, Download

    (D) Download, Install, Run


7. The most popular technique used to automate sending of a customized letter to different recipients where most of the content is the same except the customer address of MS Word? 

     (A) Send mail to all

     (B) Mail Merge

     (C) Design, review and send

     (D) Bulk customized mail


8. The virus attacks on the computer can be stopped or prevented with the help of which one of the following? 

    (A) Security Wall

    (B) Virus eliminator software

    (C) Antivirus Software

    (D) Firewall


9. In MS Word, Thesaurus tool has made for the Purpose of   _______

    (A) Spell Checking

    (B) Synonyms and Antonyms words

    (C) Spelling Suggestions

    (D) Grammar Correction


10. The files can be saved in which of the following device? 

      (A) Monitor

      (B) Compact Disc

      (C) Printer

      (D) Speaker


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  1. for question 1…right option is real value os…there is no such os… real time, distributed, time sharing,distributed are all type sof os


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