Computer MCQ For Punjab Govt. Exam Part-5

This quiz of computer is very helpful to check your knowledge or preparation for the computer. 

I will try to give some extra information on this computer gk quiz so that students can learn more from this Computer MCQ quiz. 

Computer MCQ For Punjab Govt. Exam Part-5

1.  In MS-Word, what is the smallest font size that we can use to text in                   Word?

     (A) 8

     (B) 07

    (C) 01

    (D) 04


 2. Speed of CPU is measured in 

      (A) MHz

      (B) GHz

      (C) Hz

     (D) All of these


3. In the email address, the “com” stands for:

    (A) Commercial

    (B) Common

    (C) Community

    (D) Component


4. In a computer with Windows operating systems, files are stored in locations called? 

    (A) Storages

    (B) Programs

    (C) Folders

    (D) Stack


5. In Microsoft Excel, which one of the following tools allows extracting the significance from a large detailed data set?   

   (A) Data Extractor

   (B) Data Verifier and Validator

   (C) Pivot Table

   (D) Vertical Hash Lookup


6. When you change the color and background of a chart in a spreadsheet, you are:

    (A) Formatting

    (B) Merging

    (C) Painting

    (D) Calculating


7. In Microsoft PowerPoint, the best way to insert a new slide in a presentation is to use ___________     

    (A) Normal View

    (B) Special View

    (C) Slide Show View

    (D) Slide Sorter View


8. Which is the correct arrangement of memories types from highest to lowest speed from flowing options? 

    (A) secondary storage, main memory, L2 cache, registers

    (B) registers, L1 cache, secondary storage, main memory

    (C) registers, L2 cache, main memory, secondary storage

    (D) L1 cache, registers, main memory, secondary storage



9. For each instruction of a program in the memory, the CPU goes through a:

     (A) decode – fetch – execute sequence

     (B) execute – store – decode sequence

    (C) fetch – decode – execute sequence

    (D) fetch – execute – decode sequence


10. In MS-Excel, which of the following formula is not entered correctly? 

      (A) =20+85

      (B) 17+59

      (C) =B3+32

      (D) =B2*A15

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