Computer MCQ For Punjab Govt. Exam Part-1

Important Computer MCQ For Punjab Govt. Exams

This computer MCQ is very useful for the Punjab Govt. Exams such as Punjab Patwari, PSPCL, PSSSB Clerks, Punjab & Haryana High Court clerks, Punjab Police recruitment, PSTET, and all other exams.

MCQ’s are always the best way to make your preparation stronger. This MCQ will also concrete your preparation for future exams. 

1.  The computer holds data and:
      (A).  Bytes 

      (B). Programs

      (C). Registers

      (D). Bits


2.  The secondary storage device is needed to?

      (A). Perform arithmetic and logical operations

      (B). Communicate on a network

      (C). Print output result

      (D). Store large volumes of data that exceed the capacity of the main memory.


3. In MS Word, in order to copy text, which command            should be used?

    (A). Ctrl+C
    (B). Ctrl+N
    (C). Ctrl+X
    (D). Ctrl+V


4. Shortcut key to ‘Save’ command is:

   (A).  Ctrl+S
   (B).  Ctrl+P
   (C).  Ctrl+H
   (D).  Ctrl+X


5. Sometimes sudden power failure lead to the loss of data if a desktop computer is directly connected to the power plug. Which device should be attached to the computer for saving this kind of data loss?

     (A). Printer
     (B). Hard Disk
     (C). UPS
     (D). Nuclear Power Plant


6. In the Internet business, ISP stands for:

    (A) Internet System Protocol
    (B) Internet Service Provider
    (C) Internet System Provider
    (D) Internet Service Protocol


7. Bandwidth refers to:

      (A) The amount of data that can be transmitted through a                         communication channel.
      (B) Protocol limitations
      (C) The speed of the communication device
      (D) A transmission medium


8. ‘Ctrl+P’ means open a:

     (A) Paragraph dialog box
     (B) Print dialog box
     (C) Page Format dialog box
     (D) Save dialog box


9. Which of the following is a web browser?

       (A) Windows Explorer
       (B) Internet Explorer
       (D) Mozila.Com

10. To host a web site which of the following is required?

       (A) Web Server
       (B) Exchange Server
       (C) Mail Server
       (D) Database Server


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