Computer MCQ For Punjab Govt. Exam Part-3

The level of these MCQ is moderate. This Computer GK is very useful for all those candidates who are preparing for the Punjab Govt. Exams. This is part-3 which consists of 10 computer questions.

Computer MCQ Part -3

 1. To run thesaurus which key will be pressed?

(B) Shift + F7

(C) Shift + F10

(D) Shift + F11


2. Which is not a Network device?

(A) Switch 

(B) Hub

(C) Star

(D) Router

3. In the Internet business, ISP stands for: 

(A) Internet System Protocol

(B) Internet Service Provider

(C) Internet System Provider

(D) Internet Service Protocol

4. Which code is used in Cheque? 


(B) Scanner

(C) Plotter


5. Which is of the following is the fastest memory? 

A) Secondary Memory

B) Auxiliary Memory

C) Cache Memory

D) Virtual Memory

6. Which is not a RAM Type? 





7. Which of the following is the extension of A Microsoft Word file? 

(A) .document

(B) .txt

(C) .doc

(D) .file

8. Which is non-volatile memory? 

(A) Data is saved regardless of power Off

(B) Lose data when power is Off

(C) Not related to any kind of computer memory

(D) Same as Cache Memory

9. The term HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Who has developed this protocol to transfer information over the internet? 

A) Tim Berners Lee

B) Bill Gates

C) Sundar Pichai

D) Sandeep Singh

10. Which of the following is an advantage of the view in databases? 

A) Data Security

B) Hiding of Complex Queries

C) Derived Columns

D) All of the Above

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