Computer Questions For Punjab Exams Part-06

This is another part of computer questions. It is also consisted of 10 questions.

The level of questions is easy to moderate. I choose this level because most of the time, the examiner also chooses the computer questions with this level.

 01.   RAM located is always located on the motherboard. If you manually want to install the RAM then, the first step is?
       (a) Do not install it yourself.
       (b) Unplug the cables
       (c) Shutdown the Computer
      (d) None of the above

02. In which of the following form, data is stored in the computer? 
     (a) Decimal
     (b) Binary
     (c) Hexa Decimal
     (d) Octal

03. What is the full form of GUI in terms of computers?
     (a) Graphical user Instrument
     (b) Graphical unified interface
     (c) Graphical unified instrument
     (d) Graphical user interface

04. The primary memory of a computer includes:
    (a) RAM only
    (b) CACHE only
    (c) RAM and CACHE both
    (d) Hard Device only

05. One BYTE is made up of _______ BITS:
    (a) 8
    (b) 16
    (c) 24
    (d) 32

06. DOS is an acronym for:
    (a) Data Operating System
    (b) Disc Operating System
    (c) Date Operating Section
    (d) Disc Operating Station

07. ROM stands for:
     (a) Random Operating Memory
     (b) Read Only Memory
     (c) Random Only Memory
     (d) Rapid operating Memory

08. Dot Matrix Printer is an example of:
    (a) Input Device
    (b) Output Device
    (c) Processing Unit
    (d) Integral Device

09. What type of component may come in a dual-core version? 

     (a) RAM
     (b) SSD
     (c) PCI Card
     (d) CPU

10. Which of the following are sequentially arranged steps for installing a softfare? 

     (a) Download, Run, Install
     (b) Run, Download, Install
     (c) Run, Install, Download
     (d) Download, Install, Run

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