Current Affairs Quiz of August 2020 Part – 01

These Current Affairs MCQs will assist you to get good marks in the general awareness section of Competitive Exams Papers. These questions are chosen according to the point of view of the examiner.

This quiz is created according to the point of view Punjab Govt. Exams Examiner. This Current Affairs Quiz is beneficial for all the Punjab Competitive Exams.

Ques 01: The Women’s Right Day is celebrated on? (Days are many times asked in Exams)

     (a) 4th August
     (b) 3rd August
     (c) 2nd August 
     (d) 1st August

Ques 02:  Which Indian Company & JERA (A Japnese Company) has signed an MOU with a bank to build a Thermal Plant in Bangladesh?(Important)

     (a) TATA
     (b) Reliance
     (c) Aditya Birla Group
     (d) Sun Group

Ques 03: Which is the Most Valuable Company of 2020 world-wide? (V.Important)

     (a) Apple
     (b) Amazon
     (c) Netflix
     (d) Microsoft

Ques 04: According to Nature Climate Change Journal, the Polar Bear is going to extinct in year   ? (Good Questions)

     (a) 2103
     (b) 2102
     (c) 2101 
     (d) 2100

Ques 05: Who is the new additional & independent director of ‘Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd.’? (Important)

     (a) Bipin Preet Singh
     (b) Deepak Thakur
     (c) Urjit Patel
     (d) Ragu Ram Rajan

Ques 06: “The Father of Taiwanese Democracy” Lee-Teng-Hui passed away. He belonged to ? (V.Important)

     (a) Canada
     (b) USA 
     (c) Taiwan
     (d) Russia

Ques 07: Which is the First Arabian Country who has built the first Nuclear Reactor “Barakah”? (V. Important)

     (a) Iraq
     (b) UAE
     (c) Oman
     (d) Kuwait

Ques 08: What is the name of Indian State whose name made “Guniness World Record” in the ‘Plantation of Trees’ ? (International records are always important for examiner point of view)

     (a) Punjab
     (b) Delhi
     (c) U.P.
     (d) Kerla 

Ques 9: “Snow Leopard Conservation Centre” will be built in? (Important)

     (a) Jammu
     (b) Shimla
     (c) Himachal
     (d) Uttarakhand

Ques 10: Kavita Devi (A Kabbadi Player) & Babita Phogat (A Female Wrestler) are appointed as deputy director in the ‘Sports & Youth Affairs’ department of? (V. Important)

     (a) Haryana
     (b) Delhi
     (c)  Bihar
     (d) Andhra Pradesh

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