Current Affairs Quiz August 2020 Part – 02

These 10 Current Affairs Questions are chosen after analyzing the mind of the examiner & the current trends in competitive exams. These questions have very high chances to be asked in the upcoming Punjab Govt. Jobs various exams as well as SSC & Bank Exams.

Ques 01: “World Sanskrit Day 2020” is celebrated on? (Important)

     (a) August 01
     (b) August 02
     (c) August 03
     (d) August 04

Ques 02: Andhra Pradesh State has _ _ _ _ _ capitals? (Very High Chances to be asked in Many Competitive Exams)

     (a) 04
     (b) 03
     (c) 02 
     (d) 01

Ques 03: Which state has launched the MagNet Project to boost the fruits & vegetables production in the state?  (V.Important)

     (a) Punjab
     (b) Bihar
     (c) U.P.
     (d) Maharashtra

Ques 04: Which Indian State Government does give more “Reservation” to the “Backward Classes” in the judicial services?  (Imp.)

     (a) Rajasthan
     (b) New Delhi
     (c) Bihar
     (d) Gujrat

Ques 05: Indian’s Army gives 10 ventilators to _ _ _ _ Army? (Imp.)

     (a) Bangladesh’s
     (b) Sri Lanka’s
     (c) Myanmar’s 
     (d) Nepal’s

Ques 06: Who is the author of the book ‘Cronona Kaithakal’? (V. Imp.)

     (a) P.S. Sridharan Pillai 
     (b) Kiran Bedi
     (c) Dr. Ashok Seth
     (d) Dr. Randeep Guleria

Ques 07: India will take part in “Kavkaz Military Exercise (15 to 26 Sept 2020)” in _ _ _ _? (Imp.)

     (a) USA
     (b) UK
     (c) Russia
     (d) Australia

Ques 08: With Whom  ITBP has signed an MOU to supply ” Mustard Oil ” to the Indian Army Canteen under “Aatamnirbhar” schemes? (V. Imp.)

     (a) Reliance 
     (b) KVIC
     (c) TATA
     (d) None of the above.

Ques 09: Who has appointed as the 14th CAG of India? (V.V. Important)

     (a) V. Nar Hari Rao
     (b) G.C. Murmu
     (c) Rajiv Mehrishi
     (d) None of the above

Ques 10: Who has won the “British Grand Prix 2020” held at ‘Silverstone Circuit’ in Silverstone (UK).? (V.V. Important)

     (a) Sergio Perez
     (b) Daniel Ricciardo
     (c) Sebastian Vettel
     (d) Lewis Hamilton 

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