Current Affairs Quiz August 2020 ( For Punjab Govt. Exams) Part – 03

This Quiz is created especially for Punjab Govt. Exams. The questions are chosen according to Punjab Govt. Exam Examiner point of view. It will be very beneficial for Punjab Ward Attendant 2020, Punjab Wakf Board Exams 2020 & Punjab Patwari 2020, etc.

Ques 01: “International Youth Day” is observed on? (Important)

     (a) 12 August
     (b) 13 August
     (c)  14 August
     (d) 15 August

Ques 02:  India’s 1st ‘Kisan Rail’ flagged off from the railway station? (V. Important)

     (a) Amritsar to Bandra Mumbai
     (b) Amritsar to Leh
     (c) Patna to Bangalore
     (d) Devali to Danapur

Ques 03: Which state govt has been partnered with ‘Google India’ to provide Leaning Tools for Schools? (Important)

     (a) Punjab
     (b) Delhi
     (c) Bihar
     (d) Maharashtra

Ques 04: Who has won the “Spanish Grand Prix Formula One Race 2020”?  (V.Important)

     (a) Sebastian Vettel
     (b) Lewis Hamilton
     (c) Alex Albon
     (d) Carlos Sainz

Ques 05: Who is the new “Directory General of BSF”? (Important)

     (a) Deepak Saini
     (b) Rakesh Kumar
     (c) Rakesh Asthana
     (d) Suresh Saini

Ques 06: Who is the new chairman of the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL”)? (Important)

     (a) Raj Kumar
     (b) Vinod Dua
     (c) Soma Mandal
     (d) Sammer Aggarwal

Ques 07: What is the name of the RBI facility to prevent fraud cheques? (Important)

     (a) Good Cheques
     (b) Positive Pay
     (c) Stop Cheques Fraud
     (d) Bad Cheques

Ques 08: Who is the brand ambassador by e-vehicle startup company EBikeGO? (Important)

     (a) Harbhajan Singh
     (b) MS Dhoni
     (c) Suresh Raina
     (d) Rahul Dravid

Ques 09: Pandhit Jasraj died in the USA. He was a/an? (Important)

     (a) Classical Dancer
     (b) Poet
     (c) Classical Singer
     (d) Writer

Ques 10: Which of the following is the first private company to test a rocket engine in India? (Important)

     (a) Skyroot Aerospace
     (b) BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd
     (c) Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd
     (d) Boeing India Pvt Ltd

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