Current Affairs Quiz September 2020 (Important Questions) Part – 01

These Current Affairs Questions are chosen due to their huge importance. These types of questions are frequently asked in Punjab Govt. Exams.

There are very high chances that these current affairs questions will be asked in upcoming exams of Punjab Govt. Exams such as Punjab Wakf Board Exams 2020, Punjab Patwari 2020-21, Punjab Police 2020-21, & PSSSB 2020-21.

Ques 01:   Why India has drooped its name from military exercise “Kawkaz-2020” in Russia? 

     (a) Due to Pakistan
     (b) Due to China
     (c) Due to Covid-19
     (d) Due to Business of Indian Forces

Ques 02:  Which Indian State Govt. is going to start Sea-Plane Service on National Unity Day 31st October (Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel).? (Important)

     (a) Gujarat
     (b) Kerla
     (c) U.P.
     (d) Tamilnadu

Ques 03:  Major Dhyanchand Vijay Path Scheme has been started by ? (Important)

     (a) U.P.
     (b) Punjab
     (c) Rajasthan
     (d) Andhra Pradesh

Ques 04: India’s first ” International Women Trade Centre (IWTC) ” will be established in ? (V.Important)

     (a) Punjab
     (b) Haryana
     (c) Rajasthan
     (d) Kerala

Ques 05: Indian Government has changed the seat of Indian Railway Chairman as Railway CEO. Who is the first CEO of Railway? (V.V.Important)

     (a) S.K. Yadav
     (b) Ram Yadav
     (c) V.K. Yadav 
     (d) Lalu Yadav

Ques 06: What is the name of “Mission” started by the National Civil Service Capacity Development Program (NPCSCB) to “Upgrade Skills Of Central Govt. Employee”? (Have some chances)

     (a) Smart Employee
     (b) Intelligent Employee
     (c) Intelligent Personnel
     (d) Mission Personnel

Ques 07:  What is the name of the new galaxy discovered by Indian Astronomers using the device ‘Astrosat’? (V.Important)

     (a) AUDFS 0111 
     (b) AUDFS 011 
     (c) AUDFS 01 
     (d) AUDFS 022 

Ques 08: India ranks _ _ _ _ position in the Global Innovation Index 2020? (V.V.V.Important & Ranking is Favorite Question of Examiner)

     (a) 48
     (b) 49
     (c) 50
     (d) 51

Ques 09:  ” No Arms Supply Policy ” with Pakistan is followed by ?(Important)

     (a) USA
     (b) Russia
     (c) France
     (d) England

Ques 10:  India & Russian will start sea battle exercise _ _ _ _  at _ _ _ _  from 04 to 05 Sept 2020.? (V.V.Important & M. Excercise Always Asked)

     (a) PIEDRA Navy at Lucknow
     (b) IR at Gandhi Nagar
     (c) RI at Patna
     (d) INDRA NAVY at the Bay of Bengal

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