Many students have some doubts about the Punjab Govt. Exams. I try to clear some doubts about them through this FAQ. These are some commons doubts of every student.

I know that still, many people will have some doubts regarding Punjab Govt. Exams. So, if you have questions about Punjab Govt. Exams, please comment below to get the solution to your problem.

  • My Math is Weak. Can I crack Punjab Govt. Exams?

    Yes, anybody can crack the Punjab Govt. Exams very easily. It does not matter if you are weak in one subject.

    The exams are crack when you perform well in every subject of the exams.

    If you are a master in one subject but in other subjects, you are poor. Then it is tough to crack any exams.

    I knew this from my experience. My friend whose math was very weak cracked the Punjab Govt. Exams.

    He performed nearly average in Math but performed well in other subjects. Still, he managed to get Sarkari Naukri in Punjab Government.

    Therefore, if you are weak in Mathematics still you can crack in govt. exams with the right strategy.

    The pro tip is that do not try to master in mathematics if you are weak in this subject. You should try to get the average marks or nearly average marks in mathematics.

  • Self Study is sufficient to Crack Punjab Govt. Exams.?

    Yes, you can crack the Punjab Govt. Exams through self-study.

    I And My friend both did the self-study and managed to crack the exams.

    To crack the exams through self-study, you should have the right strategy.

    Without the right strategy, you will lose your heart and will leave the study with negative feelings such that I can not do this.

    But, the truth is that Everybody can do this. Everybody can crack the Punjab Govt. Exams.
    We took the help of books and Youtube to get through the exams.

    Nowadays, YouTube is the best platform to take knowledge & guidance to crack these exams.
    You should take care when you are preparing through YouTube that you should choose the right channels to crack these exams.

  • Do the Punjab Govt. Exams are tough than Centre Level Exams?

    No, the Punjab Govt. Exams are easy as compared to Centre Level Exams.

    Because here the competition is less as compared to other
    exams in India.

    Nowadays, it is very easy to get Punjab Govt. Jobs. Because most of Punjabi Youth is studying abroad or preparing IELTS to get Study Visa in foreign colleges or universities.

    This thing makes the task easier to get government jobs in Punjab because it further reduces the competition.

  • Why are most of the students not able to crack the Punjab Govt. Exams?

    The strategy is the main problem for students who are preparing for Punjab Govt.

    Exams. This is a big reason that most students drop the idea to get Sarkari Naukri in Punjab Government.

    They do not plan their success. They just wake start to read. They did not know what is important or not important from the point of view of exams.

    Most of the students, I have seen that they will prepare the non-important topics first then go to important topics.

    So, after getting some failure, they believed that they can not crack these exams.

    Failure is part of success. Even I got some failure in my earlier some attempts.

    But analyzing my strategy, I started to perform well in the exams.

    I remembered my one exam that I did not get the job just for 5-6 marks in that exam. But there was one positive thing that I just attempted 62 questions in that exam.

    And I got 62 marks in that exam. All of the mines answered were correct.

    This way I started to improve in the exams.

    At last, I got success.

    So,  after every failure, you should analyze your strategy. And you will definitely get success.

  • What is the best way to preapre GK for Punjab Govt. Exams?

    The best way to prepare the GK for the Punjab exams is that you should first clear your basic concept about the GK Topics.

    First, you should have basic knowledge about the topics. Suppose you are preparing Indian History for the exams.

    So, first, you should read one good book to get good knowledge about that topic.

    Actually, you should read that book 2-3 times because it will help to get the basics as well as remember some information in your mind.

    Next, you should know what is important or not important in the exams. You can get this knowledge through analyzing the previous paper of Punjab Govt. Exams.

    There are the other benefits of analyzing the previous paper for Punjab Govt. Exams that you will see the level of GK Questions i.e. tough or easy.

    Then solve the GK MCQ which has the questions from the previous exams. Because most of the GK questions are repeated in Punjab Govt. Exams.

    These are some quick tips to prepare the GK for Punjab Govt. Exams

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