General Science GK Questions (Asked in Govt. Exams) Part-3

The General Science GK Questions are good for the students because these types of questions are asked in many exams. If you want to prepare in a short time then these MCQs are the best method for you.

General Science GK Questions Part-3

1. The groundwater can become confined between two impermeable layers. This type of enclosed water is called
       A) Artesian well
      B) Aquifer
      C) Unconfined Groundwater
      D) Confined Groundwater 

2.   The greatest variety of animal and plant species is found in
      A) Temperate Grasslands
      B) Tropical rain forests
      C) Tundra regions
      D) Savannas

3. Which vitamin is called as “Blood Clotting Vitamin”?
   A) Vitamin K
   B) Vitamin C
   C) Vitamin B2
   D) Vitamin D

4. Goiter / excessive growth of thyroid gland caused by the deficiency of:
   A) Iron
   B) Calcium
   C) Iodine
   D) Potassium

5. Cytology is:
   A) Study of Bacteria
   B) Study of Cells
   C) Study of Crops
   D) Study of Cereals

6.   Which of the following statements is wrong?
    A) Sound travels in a straight line
    B) Sound travels as waves
    C) A sound is a form of energy
    D) Sound travels faster in a vacuum than in air

7. The first line of defense of the body is
    A) Skin and mucous membrane
    B) Neutrophils and Monocytes
    C) Fever
    D) Interferons

8. What causes the disease athlete’s foot?
    A) Fungi
    B) Bacteria
   C) Protozoa
   D) Virus

9. Solar Radiation is measured by?
    A) Barometer
    B) Pyrometer
    C) Astrometer
    D) Manometer

10. Mirages are observed in deserts due to the phenomenon of
    A) Interference of light
    B) Total reflection of light
    C) Scattering of light
    D) Double refraction of light

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