General Science GK Questions (Asked in Govt. Exams) Part-1

These General Science GK Questions will work best for you. Because examiner like these types of questions very much. These questions are chosen by a lot of analyzing about the taste of the examiner.

1.  The tallest plant in the world is 

    (a) Pterocarpus
    (b) Polyalthia
    (c) Eucalyptus
    (d) None of the above

2. Which one of the following is involved in the desalination of seawater?
   (a) Reverse osmosis
   (b) Simple osmosis
   (c) Use of sodium aluminum silicate as zeolite
   (d) Use of ion-selective electrodes  

3. Osteocytes are found in?

    (a) Blood
    (b) Lymph
    (c) Cartilage
    (d) Bone

4.  Various activities that are required for controlling AIDS are
    1. Immunization
    2. Surveillance of the patients
    3. Safety in blood transfusion
    4. Health education and public awareness
Select the correct answer from the codes are given below :
   (a) 1 and 2
   (b) 3 and 4
   (c) 1, 3 and 4
   (d) 2, 3 and 4 

5. Light-colored clothes are preferred in summer because
    (a) Light colors are good radiators of heat
    (b) Light colors are poor absorbers of heat
    (c) They soak sweat faster
    (d) They allow body heat to escape faster

6.  Children, who receive very little sunshine suffer from
    (a) Rickets
    (b) Dermatitis
    (c) Scurvy
    (d) Sterility

7. Stubble burning results in the emission of harmful gases such as :  

   (A)  Carbon dioxide
   (B)  Carbon Monoxide
   (C)  Ozone
   (D)  Nitrous Monoxide

08. Who developed the Hydrogen Bomb?

   (a) Warner Von Braun
   (b) Samul Cohen
   (c) Edward Teller
   (d) J. Robert Oppenheimer

09. Laughing gas is
(a) NO
(b) N2O3
(c) N2O
(d) N2O5

10. The size of nanoparticles is in the range of
(a) 10-9 m
(b) 10-9 cm
(c) 10-19 cm
(d) 1019 cm

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