General Science GK Questions (Asked in Govt. Exams) Part-2

These General Science GK Questions are important for those who are preparing for Punjab Govt. Jobs Exams. These questions will help you to check your knowledge about science. 

And there is always a great chance that the previous year’s questions get repeated in upcoming exams of Punjab Govt. Jobs Exams.

General Science GK Questions Part-2

1.   Which of the following organs of the human body does the cirrhosis disease effect ?
      (a) Kidney
     (b) Liver
     (c)  Gall Bladder
     (d)  Pancreas

2.   Which one of the following metals is used in making ‘Bronze’ alloy?
      (a) Copper, Tin, and Aluminium
      (b) Copper, Silver, and Aluminium
      (c) Zinc, Tin, and Aluminium
      (d) Copper, Iron, and Aluminium 

3. Which one of the following lenses s used to rectify farsightedness in the human eye? 
    (a) Concave lens
    (b) Convex lens
    (c) Spherical lens
    (d) Plane glass

4.   Fathometer, an instrument, is used to measure which one fo the following?
      (a) Earthquakes
      (b) Rainfall
      (c) Sound intensity
      (d) Ocean depth

5. What is the number of already named bones in the human body? 
    (a) 200 
    (b) 210
    (c) 206
    (d) 215

6. Which one of the following liquids has lesser density as compared to water? 
     (a) Honey
     (b) Milk
     (c) Molasses
     (d) Petrol 

7. On which day does the ‘Autumnal Equinox‘ occur?  

    (a) December 22
    (b) June 22
    (c) September 23
    (d) October 23

8. Ozone is present in which one of the following layers?   
     (a) Mesosphere
     (b) Stratosphere
     (c) Troposphere
     (d) Thermosphere

9.  What is the science of ‘study of soils’ called?
     (a) Pedology
     (b) Seismology
     (c) Ecology
     (d) Zoogeography

10. Knot, a unit, is used to measure the speed of which one of the following? 
      (a) Ship
      (b) Airplane
      (c) Light Rays
      (d) Sound Waves 


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