General Science GK Questions (Asked in Govt. Exams) Part-4

These Science GK Questions will help you a lot. These questions are like a booster to your preparation for competitive exams.

You should practice more questions like that because “Practice makes a person perfect”.

01.   Night blindness can be corrected by intake of
     (a) Vitamin D
     (b) Vitamin A
     (c) vitamin B Complex
     (d) Vitamin C

02. In railways tracks, a small gap is left between the rail to 
     (a) To allow expansion due to heat 
     (b) To save the cost of metal
     (c) To permit shrinkage of the metal 
     (d) To reduce the thickness of the metal

03. X-ray was invented by?
     (a) Hoplins
     (b) Wilhelm Roentgen
     (c) Marconi
     (d) Morse

04. Bhopal Gas Tragedy occurred due to 
     (a) Methanol
     (b) Ethyl Alcohol
     (c) Methyl isocyanate
     (d) Ethyl isocyanate

05.   The lightest gas-filled in The Ballon?
     (a) Hydrogen
     (b) Helium
     (c) Oxygen
     (d) Nitrogen

06. The group of organisms that convert sunlight to food are termed as 
     (a) Autotrophs
     (b) Chemotrophs
     (c) Herbivores
     (d) Omnivores

07.  Kyoto Protocol is associated with
     (a) Reduction of Solid Waste
     (b) Reduction of Biomethane
     (c) Reduction of CFCs
     (d) Reduction of Carbon Dioxide

08. Polio Vaccine was discovered by: 
     (a) Edward Jenner
     (b) A. Flemming
     (c) Jonas E. Salk 
     (d) J.F. Enders

09. The chemical formula of producer gas ?
     (a) Co + H2
     (b) No + H2
     (c) No + N2
     (d) Co + N2

10.  Graminology is the study of:
     (a) Grammar
     (b) Germs
     (c) Gems
     (d) Grasses

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