GK Question From Punjab Govt Exams Part-2

This is the part two GK Question From Punjab Govt. Papers.  These are the important questions and will be repeated in the futures paper of the Punjab Government Exams. 

1.Mutiny of the Indian Naval Ratings in Bombay did take place in:

  1. 18 March, 1947   
  2. 18 March, 1945   
  3. Februrary 18, 1946   
  4. March 15, 1945  


2. The Currency of Austria is known as: 

  1. Peso   
  2. Frank 
  3. Euro
  4. Pound 


3. The Hundred Year War was fought between

  1.  France and Germany
  2.  Germany and Australia
  3.  France and England
  4.  England and Australia


 4.First Governor-General of India during the colonial rule was: 

  1. William Bentinck   
  2.  Clive   
  3. Macaulay   
  4. Lytton


5.Indian Institute of Astrophysics is located at: 

  1. Bengaluru   
  2. Chennai 
  3. Mumbai     
  4. Ahmedabad


6. November 7 is celebrated as:

  1. National Press Day
  2. National Cancer Awareness Day
  3. United Nation Day 
  4. World Energy Day


7. Area-wise, India is: 

  1. The fourth-largest country of the world
  2. The sixth-largest country of the world
  3. The seventh-largest country of the world
  4. The fifth-largest country of the world


8. Third Battle of Panipat was fought in the year:

  1. 1761 
  2. 1762
  3. 1960
  4. 1757


9. Where did India win First Olympic Hockey Gold?    

           A) Amsterdam

           B) Berlin

           C) London

           D) Rome


 10. Which place is known as the Mecca of Indian Hockey? 

             A) Sultanpur

             B) Sujanpur

            C) Nawanshahr

            D) Sansarpur


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