GK Question From Punjab Govt Exams Part-3

This is the third part of the GK Multiple Choice Questions from Punjab Govt Previous years papers. This series is very helpful for you to crack the exam and test your current knowledge about your preparation.

1. Lunar Eclipse occurs when

  1. Sun is between Earth and Moon
  2. Moon is between Sun and Earth
  3. Earth is between Sun and Moon
  4. Earth is between Sun and Mars


2. Hirakund dam is located on the Mahanadi river. In which state this dam comes under?

  1. Odisha
  2. Punjab
  3. Gujrat
  4. Jammu & Kashmir


3. Total number of ear bones in humans are

  1. Eight
  2. Three
  3. Six
  4. Four

4. Vajra Prahar is a joint military exercise of India and ____

  1. Russia
  2. United State of America
  3. China
  4. England


5. The First among the following to give the right to vote woman was:                                   

            A) Iceland

            B) USA

            C) New Zealand

            D) England


6. First Women to climb Mount Everest is

     A) Marie Jose Perec

     B) Florence Griffith

     C) Junko Tabei

     D) Jacky Joyce


7. The Lamarckian theory of Organic evolution is known as the                 theory  of______

      (A) Continuity of Germplasm

      (B) Natural Selection

      (C) Inheritance of acquired characters

      (D) Origin of Species


8. Where is the Mariana Trench located?

     (A)  Pacific Ocean

     (B)  Indian Ocean

     (C)  Arctic Ocean

     (D)  Atlantic Ocean


9. The Mahabharata epic includes the Indus river as:

     (a)  First River

     (b)  Second River

     (c)  Fifth River

     (d)  Sixth River


10. The Greek King Menander established his capital at:

       (A)  Takshila

      (B)  Qandahar

      (C)  Sialkot

      (D)  Lahore


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