GK Questions For Punjab Exams Part- 4

These important gk questions can play a major role to crack Punjab Govt. Exams. These GK Questions can come into the upcoming papers of Punjab Govt. Exams.  The details of questions help you to guess the importance of Questions. 

                                 GK Questions For Punjab Exams Part- 4


1. The Montague-Chelmsford proposals were related to:


          a) Social reforms 

          b) Educational reforms

          c) Reforms in police administration

          d) Constitutional reform


2. The monument named ‘The flame of Liberty’ is associated with


        a) Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 

        b) Battle of Mudki

        c) Komagata Maru incident

        d) Gadar movement

3. What is the childhood name of Bal Gangadhar Tilak?                     

         a)  Lokmanya Tilak

         b) Das Gangadhar Tilak

         c) Ram Tilak

        d) Keshav Gangadhar Tilak


4. Annie Basant was a socilist in the India. She was the citizen of?     

    (a) India

    (b) USA

    (c) Ireland

    (d) England

5. Whom did Gandhiji regard as his guru in politics? 


        (a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

        (b) Pherozeshah Mehta

        (c) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

        (d) Dadabhai Naoroji


6. At the time of partition, the government in North-West Frontier Province was constituted by  

      (a) Congress Party

      (b) Muslim League

      (c) Union Party

      (d) A coalition of Congress and the Unionists

7. The Punjab Reorganisation Act, which  created the States of Punjab and Haryana in 1966, was enacted on the basis of the recommendation of the

       (a) Dhar Commission

       (b) Dass Commission

       (c) Shah Commission

       (d) Mahajan Commission

8. ‘Boston Tea Party’ is associated with the 

      A) French Revolution

      B) Russian Revolution

      C) American Independence

      D) Independence of Egypt

9. The color combination of the UN Flag is 

     A) red-blue

     B) blue-white

     C) white-green

     D) only white

10. Which discipline was added to the original five disciplines of Nobel Prize awards?     

      A) Medicine

      B) Peace

      C) Literature

      D) Economics

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