How to Crack Punjab WAQF Board Exam 2020-21 (Clerk, Section Officers, & Senior Assistant, etc)

If you want to get placed in Punjab Waqf Board as Govt. employee then you need the right plan.

Your plan will make your preparation rock solid and bang on target to crack this exam.

To crack this exam, the path goes through four subjects (Reasoning, Mental Ability, English & GS). Because 90% of the questions will be asked from these four subjects. You should prepare only the important topics of these four subjects because 95% of the questions will be asked from important topics only.

You should not take tension to qualify every subject of this exam. Because the qualification marks are 40% in every subject. Everybody can easily get 40% marks in all the sections.

The distribution of marks is as follows:

SectionNumber of Que.MarksMin. Qualifying Marks
Reasoning, Mental Ability & English Compreh.4016064
Current Affairs & General Knowledge5020080
The Waqf Act, 1995 (as amended till date), The Punjab Waqf Rules, 2018, Waqf property (Lease Rules), 2014 (as amended till date)104016

A Plan to Crack Punjab WAQF Board Exam 2020-21

01. Reasoning And Mental Ability

This is the most important section of every exam. In this exam, reasoning & mental ability are also very important. There will be 30 questions of reasoning and mental ability in this exam.

Although, the exams conducting agency did not mention the no. of the questions of logical reasoning & mental ability. But, I think that the reasoning will have 30 questions due to its huge importance in the exams.

Generally, we can say that reasoning is a type of mental ability. Both concepts are inter-related with each other. Both, the concept will check your I.Q. Level in the exams”.

Why Reasoning & Mental Ability has a huge importance in exams?

Reasoning & Mental Ability is an easy part of the exam. Any candidate can get 95% to 100% marks in this section. So this section helps to get overall good marks in the exam.

It helps to reach the top on the merit list. That’s why it has a huge importance in the exams.

Now, you will have the question regarding to get high marks in this section.

How to get maximum marks in the Reasoning & Mental Ability Section?

The hard work with smart work is the key to get awesome marks in this section. Here, hard work means is practice. The practice is the base to get good marks. Without practice, it is next to an impossible task to get such good marks in any section of the exam.

Smart work means that you should prepare the important topics first. Some topics are the examiner’s favorite. The examiner always asks questions from these topics.

Your preparation in these topics should be rock solid. You can not lose a single mark from these topics to get good marks in reasoning & mental ability.

The candidate should always use a single book to prepare the subject. You should not need 2-3 books to prepare for reasoning & mental ability for this exam. The single book to prepare it is more than enough for Punjab Waqk Board Exam 2020-21.

This is another smart work tip that most students do not practice.

Reasoning & Mental Ability’s Examiner Favorite Topics:

  • Blood Relation
  • Direction
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Setting Arrangement
  • Clock & Calendar
  • Ranking
  • Cude & Dice
  • Syllogism
  • Series
  • Matrix (Missing Number Or Letters)
  • Odd One Out
  • Pattern Completion
  • Problem & Answer Figures
  • Mirror Images
  • No. of Line, Triangles & Square in a Figure.
How to prepare the Reasoning & Mental Ability Section?

The concept clarity is the base of reasoning & mental ability preparation. You can not solve every question with short tricks. Short-cuts are important but the short-cuts can not be applied to every question.

The students are mostly mad about tricks. This is a blunder of students. If you have the concept clarity then you can make your own short-cuts tricks.

But you can not replace the concept clarity with short-cuts of concepts.

To concept clarity, YouTube is the best source at this time. You will find many videos regarding reasoning & mental ability.

You should see the videos of that YouTube Channel which uploads the lengthy videos. Because, in the lengthy video, the teacher gives importance to concept clarity with tricks.

You can use any book to prepare for reasoning & mental ability. If you have a book about these subjects, then you should not need another book for these subjects.

A student should solve 40 to 50 questions of every concept. According to me, this is more than enough for reasoning & mental ability.

After solving the 40 to 50 questions of reasoning & mental ability., now you should solve the previous papers of Punjab Govt. Jobs Exams. It will make rock-solid your preparation.

The questions of previous papers, which you solve wrongly, should be analyzed to avoid mistakes next time.

Analyzing the mistakes is the most important factor. Therefore, you should not underestimate the power of analyzing mistakes while solving the previous paper of Punjab Govt. Exams.

If you do not have previous papers of Punjab Govt. Jobs, then you should solve the previous papers of SSC.

Because of the pattern of SSC & Punjab Govt. Exams are almost the same.

Most of the students underestimate the importance of previous papers. But I have watched many interviews with SSC Toppers. And they said that the previous papers helped them a lot to get good marks in SSC exams.

Moreover, my personal experience is also the same that previous papers have a huge importance in preparation.

Therefore, it is my humble request that you should solve as many as previous papers to get good marks. Without this step, you can not good marks in the reasoning & mental ability section of any exams.

02. English Comprehension

According to me, the examiner will ask 10 questions from English Comprehension. With the right strategy, you can easily get 8-9 marks in this subject.

The English Comprehension is of two types:

  • Direct Tone
  • Indirect Tone

Direct Tone:-

The direct tone comprehensions are easy. You can find the answer very easily from the paragraph.

The writer provides the answer directly in the paragraph. The answer is not hidden.

Indirect Tone:-

This type of comprehension is not easy as compared to a direct tone. The answer to the question is hidden. For example:

  • What is the best title of the paragraph?
  • What is the theme of the paragraph?
  • True, False, & Not Given Questions, etc.

I think that the examiner will put the Indirect Tone Comprehension in the exams.

What is the best way to solve the Indirect Tone Comprehension?

You can solve this type of comprehension if you understand the paragraph. There are no shortcuts that work on this type of paragraph.

To understand the paragraph, reading an English News Paper daily is the best method. All the toppers of SSC Exams have used this technique to score well in the English Section.

Read that section of the newspaper which you like the most such as the editorial, business, & sports section.

I have seen that the Hindi Medium Candidates scored well in the SSC English Section by using this technique.

The key is reading the newspaper daily & sees the meaning of unknown vocab. It will be much better if you note down the unknown vocab with meaning in your notebook.

You can read any English News Paper such as The Hindu, The Tribune, & The Times of India, etc.

If you do not like to read a newspaper then you can read any stuff in English which you like.

I strongly recommended reading in English to get a good score in English Comprehension of Punjab Waqf Board Exams 2020-21.

03. Current Affairs & General Knowledge:-

The CA & GK contain 50% marks (200 marks out of 400 marks) in this exam. You can not ignore the importance of this section because of its weightage in this exam.

How to prepare Current Affairs for this exam?

The examiner will ask the 14 -17 questions from this section of the exam. This section is very easy although it is a vast topic.

Because the Punjab Govt. Exams Examiner asks the factual question in exams.

The best way to prepare current affairs on daily basis with handwritten short notes. Because it is easy to remember.

If you do not have time to read on daily basis then you can take the help of a current affairs magazine or you can download monthly current affairs pdf.

There are some good current affairs magazines such as:

  • Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Arihant CA Magazine
  • Disha CA Magazines

These magazines come on a monthly, quarterly, & yearly basis.

Another tip is that the examiner will ask the questions from some specific topics such as:

  • Rankings
  • Military Excercise
  • Days (National & International)
  • Awards
  • Sports Titles Winners such as Wimbledon
  • Important Books
  • Govt, Schemes
  • Important MoUs, etc.

Now next tip is that you should solve the Online Quiz of Current Affairs MCQ. It will revise your current affairs as well as you can check your preparation level of CA.

I strongly recommend the revisions of current affairs on a weekly and monthly basis. Without revision, all the hard work is nothing. The revision will make your current affairs preparation rock solid.

How to prepare General Knowledge for Punjab Waqf Board Exam 2020-21?

The examiner will asks 28 – 35 questions from the general knowledge section. It is a vast topic but you can easily crack by using some following tips.

The first tip is that you should know the examiner favorite areas in GK. From these areas, the examiner always asks the questions. These are the important topics in the GK.

The important topics of GK are as follows:

  • Modern History
  • Punjab History & Culture
  • General Science ( Biology mostly Human Body & Discoveries)
  • Static GK (Tall & Small in World, Inventions, Rivers & Their Sources, Cities on Bank of Rivers, Mountains, I International Organization Headquarters, & Desserts, etc.).

The next tip is that you should prepare the important topics first then the others. Because the maximum questions have been asked from the important topics.

The next tip is the most important tip. You should analyze the GK Section of Punjab Govt. Exams Previous Papers. It will help you to understand the mind of the examiner as well as you can recognize the important topics by yourself.

The next suggestion is that you should solve General Knowledge MCQ. It is much better if the questions in MCQ have been asked in the previous papers of Punjab Govt. Exams.

You can find the GK MCQs based on Punjab Govt. Exams from the following links:

The next advice is that you should go for mock tests of GK. You can use the previous papers of Punjab Govt. Exams as mock tests.

If you do not have enough Past Papers of Punjab Govt. Jobs Exams then you can use the previous papers of SSC for this task.

The next point is that the exams conducting the agency did not mention the Computer GK in the syllabus.

But, I believe that the examiner can ask 4-5 questions of computer GK because computer gk is also a part of the general gk.

The last tip is the revision. The revision is the key to remember the General Knowledge Sections.

04. Punjab Waqf Board Rules:-

This is a new topic for everyone. You need 40% marks in this subject to qualify for the exams.

I knew that everybody will get 40% marks easily in other subjects. But, everybody will be worried about it.

You should not think about 40% rather than you should target 80% on this subject. Because this subject can place you on top of the merit if you are good at this subject.

Most of the students will prepare to get 40-60% in this subject but, your preparation will place you ahead from them.

How to prepare Punjab Waqf Board Rules?

I have two pieces of advice for you regarding this subject.

The first one is that you should read all the material 2-3 times regarding Punjab Waqf Board Rules. All the information regarding the rules of the Punjab Waqf Board is present on their website (Punjab Waqf Board Rules).

You should read it carefully because nothing will come out of this material. It is easy if you pay attention to this material.

The second piece of advice is that you should solve the MCQ of Punjab Waqf Board Rules.

These MCQs will help you to remember the important questions as well as you can check your information level regard Punjab Waqf Board.

One extra advice is that you should make notes about this subject because it will help you to revise the subjects easily as well as fastly.

Revision is the must for all the subjects. You can not ignore the power of revision in competitive exams.

I think that these tips are sufficient for you to get good marks in these subjects.

I believe that these tips will definitely work for you. And, you will learn something new regarding these exams.

If you learn something good from this article, please give your valuable advice & share with friends to help them.

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