How to prepare Computer GK for Competitive Exams?

Everybody wants good marks in competitive exams to secure its seat. Computer GK can help you to achieve your target because every exam has some questions from this section. If you want to get good marks in this section then you are in the right place.

To get 9 marks out of 10 in Computer GK, you should know the requirement of the exam. This requirement can be found through previous papers. After finding the right topics, you should learn these topics through a good online or offline source with practical. At last, you should solve Computer GK MCQ to make rock-solid your preparation. In this way, you can prepare well for Computer GK.

Step1: The requirement of the Exam

Computer GK Requirement Question

You should check the syllabus of Computer Subject. Because it will give you an idea about your boundaries in computer subjects.
The computer is a vast subject. It has many subjects under it. And every subject of the computer has a specified book on it.
You can not prepare all the subjects in computer science for a competitive exam. So you should check first that what type of knowledge is required for the exams.
If the syllabus of the computer gk is not given still you can find your boundaries by yourself. I will talk about it in the next step.

Step 2: Previous Papers

Read Mind of Examiner

The previous papers of any exam play a vital role in cracking that exam. You should analyze the computer topics from previous papers.

Previous papers have the following benefits and the last benefit is the most important:
You can find your syllabus if the syllabus is not given of computer gk.
– You can understand the level of questions. i.e. The questions are easy, moderate, or difficult.
– You can find the important topics of computer gk according to the examiner’s point of view. This is a huge benefit of analyzing the past papers. The topics are important topics that are repeating in every paper of that exam.
– You can check your current knowledge about computer gk.
– The examiner repeats previous years’ questions.
– It makes you familiar with your exam.
– You can reduce the syllabus of computer gk.

How you can reduce the syllabus of Computer GK?

By deeply analyzing the past papers, you can reduce the syllabus of computer awareness. I will help you in analyzing the process through a practical example.

Practical Example:

I have many previous years papers of Punjab Govt Exams. Therefore, I took 23 past papers of Punjab Exams as samples & analyzed these papers. These papers were conducted by different-different organizations from 2015 to 2020 such as Thapar University, PSSSB,& PPSC, etc. In 23 papers, I found 250 questions of computer GK.

I saw that mostly, the examiner is asking the question from 14 topics of the computer.

The stats of my analyzation are as follows:

S.NTopicNo. of QuestionsPercentage Remarks
01CPU/Memory197.6%6th Important
02Input Output/ Hardware156%
04.Browser / Internet218.4%5th Important
06.Network228.8%4th Important
07.Software/ Operating System / Windows4317.2%2nd Important
08.MS-Excel3413.6%3rd Important
09.MS – Word4819.2%1st Most Important
10.MS – Powerpoint145.6%
11.MS – Access031.2%
12.Computer Languages041.6%
13.HTML 062.4%

The conclusion from the above analysis are as follows:

1.The examiner has asked 75% of Questions from 6 Topics such as CPU/Memory, Internet/Browser, Network, OS/ Windows, MS-Word, & MS-Excel, etc.

2. Examiner has asked almost 40% of questions from MS- Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, & Access). Because most of the work is done through MS-Office. MS-Office comes in the basics of computers.

3.I have seen that the level of question is very easy. The questions are very basic. Any Non-Computer Background Candidate can easily answer these questions.

As I say in 2nd Step (Learn the Basics) the examiner wants to check your basic knowledge only. This point is proved here.

Now, if you are preparing for Punjab Exams then your syllabus is reduced. It reduced to 14 topics only and 6 topics are contributing 75% in the computer gk.

Same way, you can reduce your syllabus for any exam. It will save you time as well as energy. In this way, you can prepare well for your exam.

The next step will guide you that which topics should you learn first?

Step 3: Important Topics First

Imp. topics of Computer GK ask first

From the above analysis, you should have an idea that what topics should you learn first?

You should learn those topics first which are most important from the exam point of view. As in above, we have seen that 6 topics (CPU/Memory, Internet/Browser, Network, OS/ Windows, MS-Word, & MS-Excel) are most important for a Punjab Exams Aspirant.

Because it covers 75% of questions asked in exams. If Punjab Exams Aspirant prepares these topics first then he/she can easily score 7 out of 10. And it is a good score with just 6 topics.

When you will learn important topics first, then it will boost your confidence also. You will feel more positive than other candidates.

Therefore, your first preference should be important topics first in the learning process.

Step 4: First Learn the Basics

Suggestion about Computer GK Preparation

You can not score good marks in computer awareness without learning the basics. Mostly, students try to cram important questions of the computer through MCQs. I think that it is a blunder and a wastage of time.

Mostly, non-computer science students adopt this method. My advice is that you should learn the basics. It has three reasons:
1. Computer basics are very easy to learn.
2. Examiner wants that the candidate should have basic knowledge of computer. Because of all the work in govt. offices is computerized. A candidate with good basic computer awareness can easily work in govt. offices.
3. Examiner did not want Computer Experts for the govt. offices. If they want then the qualification of the exam will be B-Tech in Computer Science or MCA etc.

In short, the examiner needs candidates who can work with MS-Office, do emails, & have knowledge of basic internet.

Therefore, the examiner will ask the questions from basic computer gk such as MS-Office, Basics of Operating System, Input/Output Devices, Email. & Browser.

How you can learn the basics?

You can learn the basics with 3 methods.

1. YouTube: YouTube is a great source of information. You can easily find a good teacher on this platform.
This is the best & cheap method to prepare computer gk. But, you should choose your teacher carefully. The teacher should have a good knowledge of his subject.
You can ensure the quality of the teacher by watching his/her 2-3 videos.

2. A Book: The book is another good & economical way to learn the computer basics.
In my opinion,
The Arihant Objective Computer Awareness book is good for this purpose. It has many benefits such as:
— Good for all competitive exams.
— Chapterwise Theory
— Every Chapter has MCQ Bank at last.
— Previous Year’s Questions
— Practice sets

If you have any other book on computer awareness, then you should not buy another book. Every book has good material. So you should not spend money to buy a new book.

One thing is more that you should not buy 2-3 books for a subject rather than read one book for 2-3 times. This is more beneficial for you.

3. A teacher or Friend: If you have a good teacher of a computer or a friend who has good knowledge of computer science, then you can take the help of them.

Now, you have known the importance of basics & source to learn the basics.

Still, you can do a mistake while you are learning the basics. The next step will save you from this blunder.

Step 5: Practical Practice

Practical Aspect of Computer

The computer is a practical subject. And you can not learn it theoretical. This is a blunder which many students do in their preparation.

You can not learn singing just by watching a singer on YouTube. Same way, you can not learn the dance by reading a book about dancing.

If you want to be a dancer then you have to do the practice. Similarly, if you want to learn the basics of the computer then you have to practice the concepts practically on the computer.

The practical practice will make your preparation rock solid. I know that it will consume some time but believe me, it is the most effective way to prepare computer awareness for competitive exams.

I also prepared my computer basics with practice. Now, I can solve most of the MCQ of Computer Gk without cramming them.

Therefore, the practice of topics is the most important step in preparing Computer Awareness.

Step 6: Hand Written Notes & Revision

importance of notes to prepare computer gk

Hand Written Notes is optional. If you have enough time for the exam then you should make your own handwritten notes. Otherwise, a candidate has a short time for preparation & working professionals can skip this step.

If you do not have time for note-making then you should highlight the main point of the book and read the book 2-3 times.

If you have time then you should make notes neat & clean. Moreover, your notes should be short. you should not copy the book in your notebook.

Short Hand Written Notes are an easy tool for revision. Moreover, in notes making process, you remembered many points automatically.

The next thing is the revision. Without revision, your preparation is zero. You will be confused about the exams because you will not remember many points clearly. So you will lose some marks. These marks will cost you on the merit list.

Therefore, the revision is an important task which you can skip.

Step 07: Solve MCQ of Computer Awareness

Solve mcq to prepare computer gk

This is the last step to prepare computer gk. This method will help you check your knowledge level of Computer GK. It will also help you to remember the important points regarding computer gk.

When you tick the wrong option then, you should analyze yourself that did you selected the wrong option?

There is a lot of websites that provide Computer GK MCQ. If you are preparing for Punjab Exams then you should Click Here to solve Computer GK MCQ (Past Papers Questions).

In this way, you can improve a lot. This technique is very useful. And every candidate should solve the Computer Gk MCQ to make preparation strong.

In last,

If you follow these steps, I think that you can easily crack this section of the exam.

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