How to Prepare Current Affairs for More Marks in Competitive Exam

How To Get Good Marks In Current Affairs

The current affairs can give more marks to the students if they prepare it with the right strategy. The current affairs can help the students get better rank in the exam.

But, most students did not how to prepare for Current affairs. They always confuse about where they should study, what to study, which is a good source to study, and what will examiner asks in the paper.

In this article, I will help the students to clear these kinds of doubts so they can achieve better rank in the competitive exams.

Before starts, students should know that The UPSC asks questions on a conceptual basis while other exams like, Railway, Banking IBPS, LIC, and other state exams asks the question on a factual basis.

This article mainly for those students who are preparing for SCC, Banks, Railway, LIC and other state exams.

The following tips will help the students to get more marks in current affairs sections:

1. Type of  Questions: The students always confuse about what type of questions are examiner is going to asks in the exams from the current affairs sections.

Use the following tips, to clear this doubts:

       (a) Analyze the previous year’s papers for that exam which you are preparing for. This technique gives the best idea what type of questions will examiner asks in the exams.

       (b).The examiner will ask that current affairs which have some National/International importance for India. The examiner will not ask for Landslides, Killing, Robbery, and other Local News.

   (c). Many students think that they will understand what will examiner asks by just giving many numbers of exams. But this is not true. The analyzation/Observation is the key to understand this.

So always analyze the questions paper after giving the exams to understand the mind of the examiner.

2. Depth of Questions: This is another big concern for the students. The students did not know how deeply questions the examiner can ask.

For example, Can examiner ask for the runner up of sports games?

Yes, Examiner can ask for the runner up when some unusual has been happened such as Afganistan is the runner of the Cricket World Cup. Then, here examiner can asks for the runner up.

The examiner goes in-depth when something shocking or important has happened.

3. Source: A students should choose the right source to study the current affairs. There are many sources to CA (Current Affairs) which are the following:

      (A). Newspaper: This is the best source to study the Current affairs. Because the newspaper always gives important to important news for the country.

But, students should not read local news from the newspaper as the examiner never asks the question from this section.

UPSC or PCS aspirants must have to read the newspaper and editorial in it. But, for other exams, read the editorials from the newspaper if you have an interview after the exams.

The editorial gives the best ideas to answer the questions in the interview.

      (B). Television: A student can listen to the important news on tv and prepare its current affairs.

But, the problem is that most of the news channel has the debate and less space for the news.

Due to this, the students should follow DD News which covers all the important news of the country.

     (C). Radio: The students should listen to AIR (All India Radio) news to prepare their CA Section. Students can listen to these news in Hindi as well as English.

All India Radio apps are available for Android as well as iOS.

You can also use their website: for this purpose.

        (D). Websites or YouTube Channels: There are lots of websites or YouTube channels that covers the currents affairs on a daily basis.

This is another very good source to prepare for Current Affairs but students should choose the website or YouTube Channel wisely.

4. Prepare According to Exams:  The students should prepare according to exams such as UPSC asks Conceptual Questions while Banking exams asks for fact base such as Appointments, Days, MOU’s, Dances, and Military Exercise, etc.

5. Make Notes: You should make to crack this section easily. Notes should be neat and clean. Because mind loves beautiful things and stores in the unconscious mind easily.

Notes should be to the points and students should include the main points in it. It should not be lengthy because it is tough to revise the lengthy notes. So notes should be in the forms of Bullets Points.

Notes should be in Organized Manner. Organized means add Political Affairs in Political Section and Sports in Sports Section etc.

6.Mark Notes: A student should mark the main points in Very Important, Important, and Less Important forms.

At the time of Revision, this method will help to store important information in the unconscious mind easily.

When a student sees this thing is important then, his/her mind automatically stores this information in it.

7. Magazines: When a student prepares and remembers its notes for a whole month then he/she should buy any magazine at the end of months. And the student should read the whole magazine.

It has many  benefits to the students such as:

    • It will revise the whole month’s current affairs. 
    • If a student misses some topics then the magazine will cover it and can add that topic main points in its notes
    • Students can also get important extra information about the topics.

8. Use Diff-Diff Forms: A student should prepare CA (Current Affairs) with diff-diff forms. The students should use the Maps, PDF, Pictures, Video, and Audio, etc to prepare this section.

The diff-diff sources help to remember the current affairs easily.

Be careful here, there should be a limit to use these sources. Otherwise, this can consume lots of time of the students.

9. Important Facts: There are almost 195 countries in the world. Every country has many facts about itself. Our mind can store whole information in it. 

Therefore, a student should remember the only important facts.

10. Relate With Existing Knowledge: A student should relate the current affairs with its existing knowledge about the topic.

This technique has two major benefits:

    • Easy to Remember
    • Prepare Static GK.

11. Topics: The current affairs questions are mostly asked from the specific topics. The topics are the following ones:

    • Days
    • Bank Related CA
    • New Appointments (National/International)
    • Economy/Business News
    • Sports
    • International Organizations
    • Government Schemes
    • Summits, Operations, Committees, etc.
    • Science, Technology, and Defense
    • India Ranking in Different Indexes
    • GDP Predictions
    • Books & Authors
    • Miscellaneous: Country, Currency, Important Person in News, Governors, CM, Dams, World Heritage sites, etc.

12. Start Before: Many exams have two phases such as prelims and main. And, the students start to prepare CA (Current Affairs) after the prelims.

This is a wrong strategy because the CA (Current Affairs) has a vast syllabus and it is tough to prepare and remember 6 months old currents affairs in one month.

That’s why a student should start to prepare the current affairs before the prelims.

13. Prepare Daily: An aspirant should prepare CA on a daily basis because it is easy to prepare.

The students should follow the strategy of DWM;

  • D  —  Prepare Daily.
  • W –  Revise One Week Current Affairs.
  • M –  Revise One Month Current Affairs.

This strategy is excellent to remember Current Affairs.

14. Discuss With Friends: This is another very good method to remember the CA. When we discuss something, then it automatically feeds in our memory.

So, an aspirant should try to discuss the current affairs with friend who is also preparing for competitive exams.

This is a win-win situation for you, as well as for your friend.

15. Solve MCQ: You should solve the CA multiple choice question on Weekly or Monthly basis. This will help to check your preparation strategy.

If you perform well in it, then you are right track otherwise, you should improve your preparation strategy.

16. Use Limited Sources: Do not read 10 books to prepare 1 topic. Aspirants should use one good book and read it 10 times.

With this strategy, you can crack any exam easily.

17. Revision: Revision is the key to crack current affairs topics for competitive exams. No strategy will work for you if you skip the revision part of your strategy.

Without the revision, it is almost impossible to crack any topic/exams in the competitive exams.

Aspirants should revise his notes many times before the exams to perform well in those exams.

In the end, in my opinion, the strategy depends person to person. It is you who should decide what works for you and whatnot. I hope these above points will help you to tailor or make your strategy for current affairs for exam preparation.