How to Prepare Punjab GK (General Knowledge) for Competitive Exams?

These tips will help you to Prepare Punjab GK very easily as well as efficiently. If a student follows the right procedure to prepare Punjab GK then he/she can prepare it less time as compared to others.

The previous years’ papers and the good books are the base to prepare Punjab GK. The papers will help you to find the important topics in the Punjab GK Syllabus. And good books will give you the right information & direction to your preparation. Next, good handwritten notes & revision will make your preparation rock solid.

I will give you some tips that can play an important role to prepare this section for the Punjab Exams. I learn these tips from my experience.

And I want to share my knowledge with you so that you can prepare well and save your time to crack the Punjab Exam as soon as possible.

Tip 1: Previous Papers Of Punjab Govt. Exams

The Previous Papers of Punjab Govt. Exams are very important for the students. From past papers, a student can get the following information even without sitting in the real exams:
– Read the Mind of Examiner
– Understand the structure of the pattern of the exam.
– A student can see the depth of Punjab GK.
– Find important / Non-important topics of Punjab GK.
– Memorize the Repeated Questions of Punjab GK et

The previous year’s papers also help in other sections of exams.

I find the common problem in the students that From Where they can download these papers at Free of Cost?

Fortunately, I have enough peppers for the Punjab Govt. Jobs Aspirants. They can download these papers from the following link without paying a single penny to me.

Download The Previous Papers of Punjab Govt. Exams

Tip 2: Choose Good Book

To prepare Punjab GK, a good book about Punjab GK is a must. Because the book must have all the information in the correct form.

In other words, the book should have at least no. of mistakes such as clerical or fact-based mistakes.

You should take care of the following points in mind while choosing your book to prepare this topic:

1. Never use two or three books to prepare the same topic.

You should buy a single book to prepare the same topic and read it 2-3 times to perform well
on that topic. Rather, than buy two or three books for that topic.

Buying tow-three books for a topic is a very common mistake of students. You should avoid it.

2. You should purchase the book in that language in which you are comfortable.

As I am very comfortable in my native language Punjabi. So, I should purchase that book in Punjabi.

Although, there is no problem if you buy that book in the English language. But, you should be very good at English.
Otherwise, you have to pic the dictionary to see the meaning of some words.
This will be the wastage of time.

And sometimes, we are not able to understand some meaning or sentence or understand the wrong meaning of a sentence.
If you are purchasing a book in your native language, then your reading will be fast with clear

So, You should always buy the book in that language in which you are comfortable.

In my opinion, Sada Punjab by Munish Jindal is the best book for Punjab GK Preparation. This book is available in both the language English & Punjabi.
This book has very least no. of mistakes and clear information about all topics.

Tip 3: Important Topics First

After analyzing the previous papers of Punjab, Govt., you will easily find the important topics. From these imp. topics, there is a question in every exam.

Therefore, students should prepare these topics first. Rather than, you should following the sequence of the book.

Moreover, you should give more time to prepare the important topics to ensure the good preparation of these topics.

In this way, there is a high chance that you will get good marks from this section of the papers.

The following are the important topics in the Punjab GK:
– Physiography of Punjab
– Sikh Gurus
– Five Takhts
– Banda Sigh Bahadur
– Dal Khalsa
– Sikh Misls
– Maharaja Ranjit Singh & His Successors
– Anglo – Sikh Wars
– British in Punjab
– Nirankari, Radha Soami, Namdhari, Singh Sabha, Babar Akali Movement
– Gurdwara Reform Movement
– Shaheed of Punjab ( Sh. Bhagat Singh, Sh. Sukdev, Sh. Rajguru, Sh. Udham Singh & Sh. Kartar Singh Sarabha)
– PEPSU, Punjabi Suba Movement, Reorganization of Punjab
– Rivers of Punjab
– Map & Administrative Divisions, & Districts of Punjab
– Census of Punjab
– The literature of Punjab & Literary Awards
– Fairs, Festivals, Folk Dances, Musical Instrument, & Ornaments of Punjab
– Famous Gurdawars, Temples, Forts, Palaces, Museums, Mosques & Archaeological sites of Punjab.

Tip 4: Read As Story

While most of the students read the books with the boring method. They are just reading the text line-wise-line without any interest. This technique will not feed more information in memory.

You should read the Punjab GK Book as you are reading a very interesting story. Because stories are easy to remember.

If you are reading the Punjab GK as a story then most of the information automatically will go into memory. And, you can easily recall this information.

You should try to visualize the information in the book. For example, you are reading about Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

He lost his one eye due to smallpox at his age of 12. So, you should try to visualize how he will manage to fight with one eye or how he took training of war with one eye, etc.

You should try to imagine these things. Then, you will see that most of the information will automatically feed in memory.

Tip 5: Pandora Technique

You should read the book according to the scientific method. Everybody can not fully focus more than 1 hour on a subject. Your attention or focus of mind will be lost after some time. You are reading the books but the information is not feeding in the memory.

To avoid this situation, You should use the Pandora Technique. Pandora is a time management method. In this method, a person does an activity or task for 25 minutes then take a short break of five or ten minutes.

After the break, the person starts his activity or task again with full attention or focus. This is a very effective and good method for reading.

You should try this method and will find the amazing results of this method.

If you can focus more than 25 minutes then you should set the focus time according to strength such as 50 minutes of study and 5-10 minutes break.

Tip 6: Notes

Notes are short-form of important topics from the book. Notes are easy to read and remember. Notes take a very short time to read as compared to reading from books.

When you write something then some information automatically feeds in your memory. Therefore, you should make notes for strong preparation.

You should take care of some of the following points while making the notes:
1. Notes should be clean.
2. Use shorts sentences. Do not copy-paste from the book.
3. Use your own wording to make notes.
4. Use abbreviations to make notes shorts such as org. etc.
5. Use Diagrams in notes.
6. Highlight or underline the important points in the notes.
7. Use color codes notes. But do not make too colorful notes because it will be a waste of time. You should use 2-3 colors only.

You should make notes if you have enough time to make them. Suppose, if you are working- professional and you do not have time to make notes.

Then, you should highlight the important points in the book. You should not try to make notes because it will take lots of time.

Instead of it, a working professional should read the books 3-4 times to remember the information in the memory.

Tip 7: Use YouTube

You can use YouTube also to prepare Punjab GK. But you should follow the good teacher for this task.

I knew that it is tough to find a good teacher because it will consume lots of time.

I have my own YouTube Channel on the name of Punjab Exam Preparation. I want to upload the video on this topic but I did not upload the videos after watching the video another person on another YouTube Channel.

His way of study is very good and talks to the point. His name is Mr.Rupinder Sidhu on YouTubeChannel AroraClasses.

I watched his videos. His videos are good. Therefore, I think that you should watch his videos to brush up your knowledge.

Tip 8: Group Discussion

This is another awesome method to memorize the Punjab GK. The Group Discussion helps a lot as we discuss the topic free of mind.

When you discuss anything, it helps the brain to store that information easily in memory.

This thing has happened in my life. I and my friends found one subject difficult in my graduation (BCA) and the subject was “Computer Architecture”.

I and my friends decided that we would sort this problem through “Group Discussion”. So, we meet every day at one of my friend’s home and discussed this subject with each other. We are three people in this discussion.

We discussed this subject daily and found that we were getting through this subject. At last, we all performed well in this subject which was very difficult for us earlier.

Therefore, I am suggesting this method to memorize the Punjab GK easily.

Tip 9: Revision

This is another important step to perform well any topic. Revision is the Key to get good marks.

You should give some time to revise your notes on some schedule. You can schedule it on a monthly basis or according to your comfort.

But, without revision, all the work will be wasted. Revision helps to memorize the information which we feed into our minds.

Therefore, you should never skip this step.

Tip 10: Punjab GK MCQ

Now, you have learned everything such that source, method of preparation & how to remember the information regarding Punjab GK in your mind?

Therefore, Now, it is the time that you should check your knowledge about Punjab GK. You should check how well you studied & memorize this GK.

This can be checked through the Punjab GK MCQ. I recommended that you should solve that Punjab GK MCQ in which Punjab GK Questions are taken from the previous paper of Punjab Govt.

Because it will help you in two ways. First, It will check your knowledge, and second, previous GK questions always repeat in upcoming exams.

You can use any book or website for this purpose. Luckily, I have 130+ Punjab GK Question (Asked in Punjab Govt. Exams) for you.

The following is the link of Punjab GK MCQs:
The Punjab GK MCQ

I hope these 10 tips will help you to prepare Punjab GK well. The Punjab GK is a scoring subject and anybody can crack this section easily.

In the end, I think that you will gain some knowledge about this topic. Please tell me, which tip does work best for you?