How to prepare Punjabi Grammar For Punjab Govt. Competitive Exams?

The Punjabi Grammar is the easiest subject to get good marks in Punjab Government Exams. You can easily prepare Punjabi Grammar without the help of anyone.

Good books of Punjabi Grammar, previous year’s questions of Punjabi Grammar, & your own handwritten notes are the best things to prepare Punjabi Grammer.

With these tools, you can easily excel in this subject.

Punjabi grammar is an important topic because it comes at least 5 marks or some times 10 marks in the Punjab government exams.

You can not leave this topic to crack the Punjab Government Exams.

Strategy to prepare Punjabi Grammar

1. Good Books:

The good books for this topic are the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) Punjabi grammar books.

This is the best source to prepare this subject.

The PSEB Punjabi grammar books of class 8th, class 9th & class 10th are sufficient to prepare this topic for exams such as Punjab Patwari, PSSSB Clerk, PSPCL Clerk, Verka Clerk, & Other exams of Punjab Government.

PSEB books are easily & economically available in the market.

You can read these 3 books in a week.

These books are the best & authentic source for Punjabi Grammar.

You do not need any other publisher book for this topic.

If you are preparing for Punjab PSC than you should read class 6-12th books of PSEB Punjabi Grammar.

Otherwise, for other exams except for Punjab PCS, The class 8-10th Punjabi grammar books of PSEB are more than sufficient.

2. Previous Year’s Questions of Punjabi Grammar:

This is the most important tip for the students & most of the students did not know about this tip.

The previous years’ questions of Punjabi Grammar are always repeated in the upcoming exams of Punjab Government.

You should always check the Punjabi grammar questions from the previous year’s papers of Punjab Government.

There is another benefit of this trick that you can understand the level of the questions of this topic such as easy or tough.

I know that many of you have the question that Where from can you download these papers free?

The answer is that you can download the paper free from the following link:

Download Free Papers of Punjab Government Exams.

3. Own Hand-Written Notes:

The own hand-written notes are the best to prepare this topic because it has two major benefits.

First, you will remember automatically 50% of study material when you are pen preparing these notes.

Second, you can quickly revise these notes while it is tough to revise from books because notes are created with a brief description.

One thing, you should take care that you should not surf the web to find notes of someone else or purchase the notes from the internet. Because you will get more benefits from your own notes rather than anybody else.

If you are working professional then you can go with this option otherwise, your creativity is the best for you.

To sum up, these are some quick tips to prepare Punjabi Grammar for Punjab Government Exams.

I hope that you would like this article.

Please tell me, which tip do you like most?