Important Branches of Science (With PDF) For All Competitive Exams

The examiner many times asked the question of the Branches of Science. Branches of Sciencs are important according to exams point of view.

There are a lot of Branches of Sciences. But you can not remember all the branches’ names.

Therefore, the following is the list of science branches that have high chances to be asked in upcoming all competitive exams.

The List of Important Science Fields

01Study of CoinsNumismatic
02Study of SoundAcoustics
03Study of Insect Kites or MothEntomology
04Study of BirdsOrnithology
05Study of Silik InsectSericulture
06Study of Honey BeeApiculture
07Study of Fruits ProductionsHorticulture
08Study of FisheriesPisciculture
09Study of FungusMycology
10Study of AlagePhycology
11.Study of Flowers or Floral ScienceAnthology
12.Study of FruitsPomology
13.Study of FishesIchthyology
14.Study of SnakesOphiyology
15.Study of TreesDendrology
16.Study of Tree ProductionArboriculture
17.Study of LizardsSorology
18.Study of SerumSerology
19.Study of Bone TreatmentOrthopedics
20.Study of the interrelationships between
organism and environment
21.Study of the behavior of animalsEthology
22.The Study of Inscription KnowledgeEpigraphy
23.The Branch of Aeronautical SciencesAeronautics
24.The Study of Celestial BodiesAstronomy
25.The Science related to SpacecraftAstronautics
26.Study of BonesOsteology
27.The Study of Teeth or GumsOdontology
28.The Study of Types & Properties of LightOptics
29.The Study of Olive AgricultureOlivoculture
30.Commercial Farming of VegetablesOlericulture
31.The Study of DreamsOneirology
32.The Study of Heart Composition & Blood WorkCardiology
33.Treatment of Cancer With ChemicalChemotherapy
34.The study of Man’s BeautyCalology
35.Study of The UniverseCosmology
36.The Study of Friction & LubricantsTribology
37.The Study of DigitsNumerology
38.Study of Teaching ArtsPedagogy
39.Study of SoilPedology
40.The Study of DiseasesPathology
41.Fossils StudyPaleontology
42.Study of ChemicalsBiochemistry
43.Study of MicrobesMicrobiology
44. Study of FungiMicrology
45.Study of MineralsMineralogy
46.Study of EnvironmentMeteorology
47.Study of EarthquakeSeismology
48.Study of ForestrySilviculture
49.Study of MammalsMamology
50.The Production of Marine CultureMariculture
51.Plants External Structure StudyMorphology
Study of Sciences Branches

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