Information Tech. & Cyber Laws MCQ – 02: Punjab Assistant Jail Superintendent 2020-21

This is the 2nd Computer section MCQ for PSSSB Assistant Jail Superintendent 2020. All the questions are very important. Here you can check your knowledge about this exam.

Que 11:  The shortcut key, Ctrl+Shift+ plus is used for character formatting of the following: (Punjab Puda Clerk 2018)

  1. Underline words, not spaces
  2. Superscript
  3. Case of letters
  4. All capital letters

Que 12: Superscript, subscript, emboss, engrave are come under which of the following category : (Punjab Puda Clerk 2018)

  1. Font Styles
  2. Font Effects
  3. Word Art
  4. Text Effects

Que 13: Which of the following is not a search engine? (Punjab Puda Clerk 2018)

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Bing
  4. Outlook

Que 14: What is the name of “First Computer Virus”?

  1. Black Trojan Horse
  2. Good Software
  3. Creeper System
  4. Master Blaster System

Que 15: Choose the correct full form of VIRUS from the following:

  1. Vital Information Resource Under Siege
  2. Very Important Resource Under Security
  3. 2 Very Intelligent Resource Unequal Sled
  4. 2 Vital Intelligent Record Under Search

Que 16: In Choose the appropriate meaning of Cyber Space:

  1.  A Special Space In The USA
  2.  A Space in Space
  3.  A Space On Earth
  4.  A Virtual Space 

Que 17: If a person sitting outside India do a cybercrime in Indian Network, then Does that person come under the Indian IT Act, 2000?

  1. No law regarding it
  2. Nothing clearly mentioned
  3. Yes
  4. No

Que 18: Cyber espionage is related to 

  1. 2 malware used to get cooperate data
  2. 2 malware used to get military data
  3. 2 Both A & B
  4. 2 None of the Above

Que 19: Cyber Grooming is related with: 

  1. Children
  2. Adults
  3. Senior Citizens
  4. None of the Above

Que 20:: On which of the following area the IT Act 2000 is applicable?

  1. Whole India excluding Jammu & Kashmir
  2. Whole India including Jammu & Kashmir
  3. Whole India excluding Union Territories
  4. None of the Above

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