Is SSC CGL really tough?

SSC CGL is a big exam in India. A lot of candidates applied for this exam. And, many of them believe that it is a tough exam. Is it true? I think that they do not know the truth.

SSC CGL is not a tough exam. The students feel that it is tough because they do not know what SSC CGL Exam is demanding from them. They do not have the proper plan and their basics are not clear to crack this exam.

If this exam is really tough then no weak or below the average students can crack this exam. But I knew many weak students who crack this exam. One of them is Sandeep Kumar.

Even, I know a student who clear this exam without any preparation in 2011. The name of that student is Gaurav Kaushal.

If a weak student and a student without preparation can crack this exam then any student in this world can crack this exam.

In conclusion, the SSC CGL is not a tough exam. It is your mindset that gives you this feeling. If you plan well, prepare with full attention, and do hard work with smart work, then anyone can crack SSC CGL Exam easily.

What is the competition level in SSC CLG?

The 03-04 million candidates appeared in the SSC CGL exams. This gives the feeling to candidates that there is a lot of competition and hard competition between the aspirants in this exam.

But, the truth is the opposite to it. Students did not know the real truth about this exam. Do you know the competition level in the SSC CGL exam?

The real competition level in SSC CGL is very low. Most of the candidates in this exam are non-serious and they just gave their papers on a luck basis, without serious preparation, and without a plan. Therefore, they faced failure in this exam and felt that the competition level is very high which is a myth.

I analyzed the past SSC CGL Exams Data. And, I found the following facts from the past SSC CGL Exams. This data will break your belief that SSC CGL has high-level competition.

S.NoExam -YearTotal No. of Students Applied Appeared CandidatesThe Overall Attendance %No of Candidates Cleard Tier1Tier 1 Cleard %Remarks
01.2018-1925,97,0008,37, 00032.33%1,50,39617.96%The competition was 6% as compared to applied students.
022019-2021,59,5129,78,10345.29%1,25,27912.8%The competition was 5.80% (Almost 6%) as compared to applied students.
032020-2121897918,26,45737.74%1,14,13513.8%The competition was 5.21% (Almost 6%) as compared to applied students.
The important data of SSC-CGL candidates of previous years.

If you see the table above, then you will find that only 6% of students were able to clear the SSC CGL pre from 35-40 lakhs students.

In other words, approximately 1,50,000 lakh students have cleared the SSC CGL Pre Exam every year. If 10 lakh students have cleared this exam then we can say that the competition level is very high.

Actually, we have to compete with only 1,50,000 lakh students to crack this exam.

And, this number is very low if we compare this with the number of candidates who appeared.

Now, if we go further deep, then many students from 1,50,000 will not prepare well for SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam. Many of them will have low confidence, exam pressure, and fear. This will make the competition level even low in this exam.

In other words, I can say that the real competition is between 20 to 30 thousand who prepared for this exam seriously with full dedication and hard work. Therefore the level of competition is very very low actually in SSC CGL.

In conclusion, the competition level is very low in SSC CGL. It is depended upon you how will you see this exam? If you see this exam from the number of candidates who appeared then you will find the competition level high. But, if you see it from the number of students who cleared the SSC CGL Pre Exam, then you will find that there is very low competition in this exam.

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