MCQ Of Punjab Waqf Board Exam 2020-21(Clerk, Senior Assistant & Officer, etc.) Part – 01

The examiner will ask 10 questions regarding the Punjab WAQF Board. These 10 questions will be easy to moderate. You need to get 16 marks to get out of this section.

These questions are the best question that the examiner can ask about the Punjab WAQF Board Exam 2020 (Clerk, Senior Assistant, Legal Support Assistant & Executive Officers, etc.). So, these questions will help you to crack this section of the exam easily.

Que 01: Who is the chairman of the Punjab Wakf Board?

  1. Akhram Khan
  2. Sahil Raja Khan
  3. Tahir Ahmed
  4. Junaid Raza Khan

Que 02: Who is the CEO of the Punjab WAQF Board?

  1. Kabir Khan
  2. Affan Malik
  3. Showkat Ahmed Parray
  4. Rehan Ahmed

Que 03: What is the origin of the word ‘ WAQF’?

  1. Greek
  2. Arabic
  3. Latin
  4. Sanskrit

Que 04: Who is the first chairman of the Punjab WAQF Board?

  1. Lt. Col Khawaja Mohammad Saeed
  2. Lt. Maulana Ali Ahmed
  3. Lt. Col Shiek Ali Hassan
  4. Major Ashraf Kahn

Que 05: Where was the office of the First Punjab Waqf Board established?

  1. Ambala
  2. Shimla
  3. Chandigarh
  4. Jalandhar

Que 06:  On which date, the first Punjab WAQF Board was created?

  1. 2nd October 1963
  2. 2nd October 1962
  3. 2nd October 1961
  4. 2nd October 1960

Que 07: Who is the chairperson of the “Central Waqf Council”?

  1. Rais Khan Pathan
  2. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
  3. Haneef Ali
  4. Wasim Khan

Que 08: According to the WAQF Act 1995, a board can hold the office for?

  1. 5 Years
  2. 4 Years
  3. 3 Years
  4. 2 Years

Que 09: To become a member of the Punjab WAQF Board, a person should fulfill the which of the following conditions?

  1. At least 21 Years Old.
  2. He should be a Muslim.
  3. He should have a sound mind.
  4. All of the above

Que 10: How many minimum women members should be elected in Punjab WAQF Board?

  1. 04
  2. 03
  3. 02
  4. 01

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