One Word Substitution Quiz for Competitive Exams Part – 01

These One Words Substitution MCQs are competitive exam’s examiner favorites. These questions are chosen because these are asked in many exams.

This Quiz is designed such that it gives more & more help to the student’s Govt. Jobs Preparations. This Quiz gives you information regarding the other options rather than the answer option. This extra help will be very beneficial for you.

Ques 01: ‘One who loves books’? (Asked in Exams)

     (a) Biped
     (b) Bibliophile 
     (c) Bevy 
     (d) Abattoir 

Ques 02: ‘A group of peacocks’ ? (Punjab Senior Assistant 2016)

     (a) Pack
     (b) Bevy
     (c) Muster
     (d) Team

Ques 03: ‘ One who believes that war & violence are unjustified’ ? (Asked in Bank Exam)

     (a) Pacifism 
     (b) Optometrist
     (c) Pauper
     (d) None of the above

Ques 04: ‘ A place where Government records are kept’ ? (Asked in Punjab Govt. Exam)

     (a)  Library
     (b) Record Room
     (c) Archive
     (d) Treasury

Ques 05: ‘One who walks in sleep’? (Asked in Exam)

     (a) Bureaucracy
     (b) Fanatic
     (c) Euphoria
     (d)  Somnambulism

Ques 06: ‘One who talks very much’ ? (Asked in Punjab Exam)

     (a) Garrulous
     (b) Glutton
     (c) Fluke
     (d) Erudite

Ques 07: ‘Which can not be erased or forgotten’? (Asked in Exam)

     (a) Incurable
     (b) Incredible
     (c) Indefensible
     (d) Indelible

Ques 08: ‘One who believes in God’? (PUDA Clerk 2018)

     (a) Atheist
     (b) Theist
     (c) Moral
     (d) Immoral

Ques 09:  ‘Government by one man’? (Punjab Puda Clerk 2018)

     (a) Monarchy
     (b) Anarchy
     (c) Autocracy
     (d) Democracy

Ques 10: ‘A person who never drinks alcoholic drinks’ ? (Asked in Exam)

     (a) Theist
     (b) Traitor
     (c)  Truant
     (d) Teetotaller 

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