ICMR Assistant Recruitment 2020: How to prepare (Crack)?

Any competitive exam can be cracked but a candidate should have a plan. Nobody can crack the exam without a strategy & understand of the exam. Most of the students are unaware of this fact. Therefore, they blindly start the preparation.

If you know the right direction then you will reach the destination otherwise you will wander here & there. The same principle applies to competitive exams.

ICMR Assistant Recruitment 2020 can be cracked with help of understanding the requirements of this exam. The most important requirement is that you should have good knowledge of General Intelligence, Maths & English. Because 75% of questions come these 3 sections. For the 4th section GK, a candidate should prepare only the most important topics of GK and you should spend more time on Reasoning & Math (Bounded Syllabus). Moreover, normalization can help if a student gives more weightage to more no. of attempts with accuracy.

Step #01: Check Syllabus & Other Information

This is the first thing that an aspirant should do to prepping a competitive exam. It gives you your boundaries of preparation. And. a student should play within its boundaries.

The ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) is going to conduct this paper with the help of PGIMER, Chandigarh. The PGIMER Chandigarh has clearly mentioned the syllabus of the ICMR Assistant Exam.

What is the syllabus of ICMR Assistant Recruitment 2020?

The syllabus is good according to the students’ point of view. They divided the exam into two-phase.

  1. Written/Computer Based Exam
  2. Skill Test

Written Test / Computer Based Test: It lies in four sections i.e., Reasoning, Maths, GK, & English. Each section has 20 marks within a duration of 80 minutes. The 50% marks are qualifying marks for the category UR/OBC/EWS and 40% for SC/ST/PwBD candidates.

PartSubjectNo. of QuestionsMax. MarksTotal Duration
AGeneral Intelligence202080 Minutes
BGeneral Awareness2020
CQuantitative Aptitude
(Basic Arithmetic Skills)
DEnglish Language
(Basic Knowledge)

The topics of these 4 subjects are given in detail in the notification. Click Here to Download Notification.

The weightage of this phase is 80%.

Note: This exam has negative marks of 0.25 for each wrong answer.

The exam of mode may be written or computer-based MCQ. In the notification, they are giving both the options diving by a slash. Nothing is crystal clear regarding this. But, I personally believe that the mode of exam will be computer-based as normalization will be done in this exam. Therefore, you should regularly visit the website to get the correct information.

Skill Test: The qualifying candidates will get the call for Skill Test according to the merit list. The agency will take a skill test according to prescribed in the Essential Qualification. i.e. Working Knowledge of Computer (MS Office / PowerPoint).

Therefore, you should prepare only these topics. To prepare for these topics, you should check the questions asked in other exams regarding these topics. This is the easy way to prepare these topics of Skill Test.

The weightage of this test is 20%. You can easily excel in this section.

In short,

You should check the questions of MS-Office & Computer in other exams such as Railway, Banks, & SSC.

Does this syllabus match with the syllabus of other exams?

Yes, the syllabus of this exam is matched with SSC Exams. The SSC also includes the topics of Reasoning, Maths, GK, & English in their exams which are asked by PGIMER.

It is very good according to the students’ point of view. Because they do not need to prepare extra topics to crack this exam.

Now, you will get the information regarding your playing area of this exam through notification. Now, you should start to think about the exam.

The next step will help you to tell the level of the exam.

Step #02 Raise Your Level Above The Exam

You should raise your level above the exams. Now, you have the following questions in your mind.

Why you should make your level above the exam?

Because the seats are limited and you will face tough competition. Moreover, you will compete with candidates from all over India.

Furthermore, this is a Group B Post. Therefore, they will not ask easy questions in it. According to me, the level of exams should be above the moderate and near to tough.

Therefore, those candidates will easily crack the exam who make their level above the exam.

How can you raise your level above the exam?

You can raise your level by solving the tough questions from other exams. I know that the syllabus of other exams will exactly not match with this exam. But, many topics will be similar to this exam.

So, if you solve the problems from other exams, then it will raise your level above this exam.

Step #3: Make Plan Before Preparation

Many students blindly start preparation which is wrong. In Step #1, the syllabus helps to understand the exams. Now, it is time to find important topics from the syllabus because the examiner asks most questions from important topics. Important topics reduce the syllabus for us.

The student first thinks that the syllabus is very vast. They can not prepare all the syllabus. But, actually, the examiner mostly asks questions about important topics. In this way, they can reduce the syllabus.

When you prepare important topics, then you should prepare other topics.

Therefore a student you make a plan regarding their study material, books & topics before starting your preparation.

Actually, you should in starting marks the topics in three categories:

  • Most Important (Study First & Give More Time)
  • Important (Study Second & Give sufficient Time)
  • Least Important ( Study at last & Give Less Time)

I will give a list of the most important topics which will save your time. But, I recommend that you should also research on YouTube & Google Search Engine to find the Most Important & Important topics.

This research will give you two main benefits:

  1. If I miss some topics, then you will find those topics.
  2. You will get more insights about topics & exams. This will raise your understanding level as well as confidence.

Therefore, you should make a plan first then starts preparation. Now I will talk about the four subjects of this exam.

# General Awareness or GK

GK is a vast subject. Nobody can prepare 100%. But, you can prepare well for it just preparing important topics of this subject. Believe me, the examiner asks questions from the most important topics only.

If suppose examiner asks 1-2 questions from non-important or other topics which you do not study. So, you will lose only 1 or 2 marks. But, the examiner will not ask all the questions from non-important topics. Therefore, your first preference should be important topics, and everything else later.

Important Topics of GK:
  • Ancient History
    • Indus Valley Civilization (Harpa Most Important)
    • Archeological Sites
    • Vedic Literature – Sacred Hindu Scriptures
    • Jain Tirthankaras
    • Buddist Councils – Venue, Patronage & Outcome
    • Magadha Empire
    • Ancient Indian Soildres & Their Patrons
    • Gupta Kings
    • Ancient Historical Monuments
  • Medival History
    • Delhi Sultanate
    • Vijay Nagar Empire
    • Mughal Empire of India
    • Treaties
    • Founder & Last Kings
    • After Mughal
  • Modern History (All topics are important)
  • Indian Economy
    • Monetary Policy
    • Finance Commission & Five Year Plans
    • Types of Goods
    • Indian Economy & Its features
    • Theory of Deman & Supply
    • Inflation
    • National Income
    • Money & Banking
    • Fiscal Policy & Fiscal Deficit
    • RBI
    • Latest Schemes
    • Economic Reforms in India
    • Tax System in India
    • Balance of Payments
    • GST
    • Budget 2019-20
  • Geography
    • Largest-Highest & Tallest-Longest
    • Crops & Biosphere of India
    • Water Resources of India, Hill Stations, & Rivers & their origins
    • Transportation & Borders of India
    • Oceans, Lakes, Volcano, Mountains, Atmosphere, & Solar System
    • Climate, Deserts, Humidity, Earth, & Waves etc.
  • Chemistry
    • Chemical Properties & Names of Substances
    • Chemical Change & Physical Change
    • Properties of Gases
    • Surface Chemistry
    • Chemistry in Everyday Life
  • Biology
    • Inventions & Inventory
    • Human Body
    • Animal & Plants
    • Diseases
    • Vitamin & Disease
  • Physics
  • Miscellaneous
    • Country, Capital & Currencies & Indian States & Capitals
    • Internationa Lines & Boundaries
    • World Organization & Their Presidents & Headquarters
    • Days (Nationa & International)
    • Indian Festivals
    • Ports & Airports
    • Dances
    • Cities Nick Name
    • Discover & Inventions.
    • Important Govt. Schemes
    • Cabinet Minister
    • Important Books of 2020
    • National Parks, Reserves & Sanctuary of India
    • Indian Rivers & their Origins, Important Cites on banks of rivers
    • Mountain Passes
    • Body Parts affected by Diseases
    • Grand Slams & Sports Tournaments
    • Brand Ambassadors 2020 & Appointments 2020, Miltary Exercise 2020
    • CAA, Bank Merger, J& K, Ayodhya Verdict, & Famers Bills
    • Ancient Books & Authors
  • Indian Constitution & Polity
    • Oaths
    • Vacancies
    • Resignations
    • Important Articles
    • Parts, Schedules & Amendments
    • Features of Indian Constitutions
    • Borrow Features of Indian Constitutions
    • Fundamental Rights & Their Scopes
    • Fundamental Duties
    • Parliament of Indian & Their Powers & Functions
    • Union Centre Relations / Centre- State Relations
    • Presidents, PM & CM, Governors
    • Constitituion Institute
    • Govt institutions such as Planing Commissions & NITI Aayog
    • Constitutional Institutes
    • Lokpal & Lokyuktas
    • Panchayati Raj System.

These are the topics that I found important from the exam’s perspective. You should also do research from your side to get more depth about the topics.

The next tip is that Current Affairs have a good role in today’s competitive exams. This exam will have 5-6 questions from Current Affairs. Therefore, you can not ignore this subject.

You can prepare current affairs from YouTube, A Website, or A Magazine. If you have time then make notes otherwise you can take the help of Current Affairs Magazine.

With these suggestions, you can easily get a good score in these sections.

# Reasoning & Math:

Reasoning and Math have bounded syllabus. You should prepare all the topics of these sections. Because these are the scoring subjects. You can not afford to lose marks from these two sections.

Nobody can prepare a 100% syllabus of GK. But, in these two subjects, you can prepare near to 100% of these topics.

All the topics of General Intelligence are important and you should prepare them all. But,

Reasoning Most Important Topics
Important Reasoning Topics

Math Most Important Topics
Important Math Topics for ICMR Assistant Recruitment 2020

Some important points regarding Reasoning & Math

How much speed matters in Reasoning & Math?

Speed saves time in exams. Time-saving in exams is equal to getting the job in exams. Because you have more time then you will solve more questions with accuracy which increasing your chances of getting a job.

The speed can be increase through shortcuts & practice. You can easily learn short-cuts from YouTube.

But, you should not start to learn short-cuts at the beginning. The shortcuts should be learned after clearly understands the basics. If your basics are cleared then you can make your own short-cuts and easily grasps the short-cuts of others.

With speed, accuracy also matters. With practice, you can improve both speeds as well as accuracy.

Which book is best for reasoning & math?

A book that has fewer errors and has more questions about topics is the best for reasoning and math.

Although all the books are good. If you have any book and it less not of an error, then you should not buy another book. This book will work for you.

If you do not have books, then I suggest that the books written by R.S Agarwal on reasoning & math are the best for these two subjects.

How much score is a good score in reasoning & math in this exam?

If you are getting 18-19 marks in each of these two subjects, then you are on right track. Because I believe that the cut-off will be high and you should be on top to get this job.

How can I find tough questions of reasoning & math to raise your level?

You should solve the questions of other exams such as SSC CGL, Railway Group B, & RBI Group B posts. In these papers, you will definitely find some tough questions.


English is a limitless subject. But, you can crack this section with smart work.

Examiner tests your knowledge about English by asking questions regarding:

  • English Grammar
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Vocabulary
  • One-Word Substitution
  • Reading Ability (Comprehension)
  • Writing Ability

You can prepare these topics by two methods and you have to use these methods simultaneously to get 17-18 marks in this section.

1.Book: You a good book to get good knowledge about this subject. If you have any book regarding it, then do not purchase another book. Instead of buying another book, you should read the available book 2-3 times. This will be more fruitful.

If you do not have any book, then you should purchase “The Plinth to Paramount By Neetu Singh Volume-1”. This book is awesome and has a simple language.

2. Newspaper: This second method will differentiate you from the rest of the candidates. Reading newspapers will work for you in every area of English Sections.

It will make your vocab, grammar, reading ability, & writing ability.

If you are reading the newspaper then you can easily solve the comprehension of any level.

I have seen that the toppers of the SSC CGL Exam were weak in English while they were preparing. Because they come from Hindi Medium.

But, the newspaper reading worked for them like magic. They scored 48 out of 50 in SSC CGL. Moreover, Some of them are speaking English fluently now.

This method to prepare English will give you an edge over the other candidates. I strongly suggest that you should read any English paper daily which you like most.

How much time newspaper reading is required to crack this exam?

I think that the time between 30 minutes to 1 hour is sufficient for you to score well in this exam.

Step #04 Give Mocks

The toppers of every exam gave lots of mocks before the exam. Therefore, they score well in the exams.

Benefits of Mocks:

  • Reduce mistakes in exams by doing the same mistakes at home.
  • Help to check own level about the exam
  • Help to learn Time-Management regarding paper
  • Improve study level & score after analyzing the mistakes (Very Important)
  • Build Confidence
  • Reduce the fear of exams.
Why you should analyze the Mock Test?

” Mock Tests increase the speed and Analysing the Mocks increase the numbers”.

A SCC Topper

As I said that It increases the numbers. Because the analysis process helps to understand the mistakes as well as improve them.

Therefore, you should give a lot of time to analysis because, without analysis, the benefits of mocks can not be maximized.

How can you find mocks test for ICMR Assistant Recruitment 2020 Paper?

You can purchase it from the online or offline market if these are available in the market.

If these are not available in the market, then still you can find a mock for this exam.

You can use other exam papers of Group B Post as the mocks for this exam such as SSC CGL, Railway Group B & RBI Group B, etc.

You can say that the syllabus of these exams can be different. Yes, this can be right.

But, the differences in the syllabus is very marginal. It can be 5% to 10%. So, if we are not getting the exactly mock test for this exam. Then, the mock test with a little bit of difference is better than nothing.

According to me, It is much better than nothing.

One more thing, if the exam will be online then you should give online mocks. You can easily find mock tests for other exams such as SSC CGL, Railway Group B & RBI Group B, etc.

I advise that you should not go to an exam without an online mock if the exam will online. It will be a blunder.

Because your speed will decrease without online mock test practice. Therefore, your score will be low and you will have low chances to get the job.

I strongly recommend giving mocks because it will differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.

Step #5: Normalization is Good

What is Normalization in Competitive Exams?

Normalization is a process. In this process, the marks of all the candidates are normalized. The normalization is done to maintain the average in the examination. In multiple exam shifts, some exam sessions are easy while some are tough. Here, normalization plays an important role to maintain the average. The marks of the tough shifts go up and marks of easy sessions go down to take the examination at a moderate level for everyone.

The marks of many students go up through this process but I have seen that marks of some students do down up to 4-6 marks from the exact score.

How does normalization work?

Nobody knows about the exact algorithm of normalization. Although, an agency like SSC shows the formula regarding normalization working.

Some people believe that no. of attempts & no. of the wrong answer are counted in this process while others do not agree with this point of view.

How normalization is good?

I believe that no. of attempts & negative marking are counted in the normalization. If we reduce our negative marking in the exam then, the normalization score will go up. In this way, normalization is good for us.

But, there is a problem. If we reduce the negative marking then the no. of attempts will decrease.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this. You should use guesswork when you are confused about two options. Therefore, you have a probability of 50% right or wrong. And, in most cases, your answer will be right.

But, you should avoid the blind guess because it is wrong in most cases.

In this way, we can increase no. of attempts and decrease negative marking.

In the SSC normalization formula, the formula nowhere talks about negative marking. Therefore, many experts believe that negative marking has no role in normalization.

If it is true, still you should avoid the blind guess because negative marks will reduce your marks as compared to other candidates.

Therefore, you should take calculated risk to increase no. of attempts of exam to gain more marks.

In this way, you will be benefited in both cases if the negative marking has a role or not in normalization.

In sum up,

You should make a plan for every section of the exam and work on important topics first. Next thing is that you should consider General Intelligence, Math, English as scoring subjects and prepare well for these. Rather than, focusing more on GK. Moreover, if you use normalization in your favor then, you can easily crack this exam.

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