How to Prepare Urdu Language Test For PWB (Punjab Waqk Board) Exams 2020-21?

The Urdu Language Test is only qualifying in nature for Punjab Wakf Board Exam 202-21. Anybody can easily pass this test with a good strategy & hard work.

You need 40% marks to qualify for this test for all the exams in Punjab Waqf Board. The numbers of this language test will not be added to the merit list.

To qualify for the Punjab Waqf Board Urdu Language test, you should study according to the given syllabus with a good teacher (Offline or Online), have a good book of basic Urdu, avoid useless short-tricks, and hard-work with smart-work.

Preparation Strategy Tips For Urdu Test For Punjab Wakf Board Exams 2020-21.

1. Work According to Examiner:

Topics are clearly mentioned in the syllabus that the examiner will ask in Urdu Test. Therefore you should work according to the examiner.

The topics are as follows:

i. Comprehension based on unseen passage
ii. Change the number (Wahid/Jamma: Singular/Plural)
iii. Change the Gender (Jins ki qismain/Muzakkar Monas)
iv. Synonyms (Hum-maeni)
v. Antonyms (Mutzaad/Mutradif)
vi. Idioms and Phrases (Jumle aur Mahavre)

You should prepare only these topics to pass this exam. You should not try to prepare other topics of Urdu. Because this test is only qualifying in nature. Toper of the Urdu test will not have the extra edge over the other qualifying candidates.

These are the concrete topics for this exam. If you are preparing only these topics, then it is hard work with smart work.

Suppose if 3-4 questions are not from these topics, then we will not lose anything, Because our aim is to qualify only rather than become a toper.

The examiner tells clearly that he/she will ask a lot of questions about these topics.

2. Learn Basic Urdu

You should learn basic Urdu. Basic Urdu means that you can read & write the Urdu. Nobody will check your speaking in Urdu. The board wants the candidates who can understand, read, & write the Urdu.

Therefore, you should not try to be a master in the Urdu Language. Because this is not the requirement of the exam.

I knew that now, you have a question in mind regarding the learn Urdu.

How you can learn basic Urdu?

You can learn basic Urdu in two ways:

  • Paid Course
  • Free of Cost
Paid Course:

If you can afford the price of the “Paid Course” then you can go with it. If your teacher is good & understand the requirement of the exam, then he/she can prepare you well with rapid speed for this exam.

But, when you are buying a paid course then take care of some points in your mind:

  • The teacher should have a good knowledge of Urdu.
  • His teaching method should be good. He/She should use the Punjabi Language to teach Urdu. Because you will learn fast in the Punjabi Language.
  • The teacher should not use the tough vocabulary of Urdu. Because it will create difficulty for you to understand the Urdu Language.
  • The price of course should be affordable.
  • The teacher should be available when you have doubts.

I have seen some online courses in Urdu regarding this exam. The price is not affordable. It is very costly. Moreover, the teacher is using too much Urdu Vocab which will make the ‘Urdu Language Learning’ difficult for the students.

If you have a good teacher around you are at an affordable price, then you should go with it.

Free of Cost:

Urdu is a language. If you can read, write, & speak any language, then you can also learn any language.

Urdu is an awesome language. It is like other languages. It has capital alphabets as well as small alphabets like the English Language.

It has grammar, pronunciation & writing rules. If you learn these rules, you can easily learn this language.

What is the best way to learn the Urdu Language at free of cost?

YouTube is the best source to learn this language at free of cost. YouTube has sufficient content on the Urdu Language to learn basic Urdu for this exam.

I will recommend two YouTube channels for this purpose.

(I). URDU PUNJABI ACADEMY: This channel is run by Mr. AS Kaler. This channel has a good source of information regarding the Urdu Language in the Punjabi Language.

Moreover, Mr. AS Kaler has given his mobile number on his YouTube Channel. You will find his mobile no. on his YouTube videos thumbnail.

I have personally talked with him. He is a nice person. He loves to help people free of cost.

Therefore, whenever you have a problem with learning Urdu, you can take the help of him.

(II). Nihal Usmani: This channel has 33 videos on Urdu in Punjabi & 76 in Hindi. It has a good source of information regarding the Urdu Language. The content is very good. You should see the videos on this channel to learn the Urdu Language.

3. Practice Urdu

After watching videos, you should try to write Urdu Alphabets by yourself.

” You can not dance by watching a dancer.”

Same way, you can not learn Urdu just by watching videos. You have to do practice the Urdu Language.

You should start to write Urdu Alphabets in your handwriting. This will makes you more familiar with Urdu.

Practice is key to learn anything.

4. Good Book:

To learn a language, everybody needs a book. I will recommend you a book which helps you to learn the Urdu Language at beginner levels.

Book name is “Punjabi Urdu Teacher” by Pradeep Publisher.

A book to learn Urdu in Punjabi for Punjab Wakf Board Exam

This book is useful for the beginner level.

This book is available at an affordable price.

The best thing is that it teaches Urdu in the Punjabi Language.

With the help of this book, you can compare Urdu Alphabets with the Punjabi Language.

You can buy this book offline as well as online.

Image credit goes to Amazon India.

Note: After buying this book, whether offline or online you should sanitize the book to avoid the COVID-19 Virus.

5. Avoid Blind Series Tukka:

Some YouTube Channels are giving bad advice on the Blind Series Tukka Method to qualify for this exam.

They are advising that you should qualify for this test by selecting a single option from all MCQs. They are suggesting that you should choose Option B for all the questions of this exam.

They believe that 40% of the questions answer will be option B. And, in this way, you will qualify for this test without learning the Urdu Language.

Some Channels are suggesting choosing option C for all the answers to this test.

I am not agree with their this technique to qualify this test.

These channels believe that the examiner & exam conduction agency is stupid. But, the examiner & exam conducting agency is very intelligent. They knew this trick very well.

Therefore, they will never set the paper like that. I believe that they will set the paper such that if candidates use this trick, then they will fail in this exam.

You can use tukka method if you are confused about some options. Or you do not know about anything about a question and there is no negative marking.

If there is no negative marking then you can use tukka method for questions. You should use this method for the question whose answer is not known to you. It is better to answer unknown questions rather than leaving those questions.

But you should avoid a single option answer to all questions. The blind series tukka is dangerous.

I am 100% sure that you can not qualify this exam by this method.

I recommend you to believe in hard work rather than this kind of method.

In conclusion,

I believe that the level of the paper will be easy. The examiner will not set tough paper because they just want to check your basic Urdu language knowledge.

If they want better employees with Urdu Language Skills then they will consider this test marks in the merit list.

Suppose, If the exam is tough then it will be tough for all. And, the pass percentage will decline from 40%.

But, I believe that the paper will be on a basic level. You can easily crack this exam with good preparation.

I hope this article will help you to qualify for this test.

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