Do You Know the Importance of Previous Year’s Questions Papers?

The Previous Year’s Questions Papers have huge benefits but unfortunately, most students did not know about it.

Evert student wants to get good marks in the exams and the previous year’s papers are the key to get this desired score

You will learn the following important things  from this article:

  • How to analyze previous years questions papers?
  • How past papers can faster your study?
  • How past papers build your Confidence in Exams?
  • How these papers will help judge the level of Upcoming Exams?
  • How previous year’s papers set the right direction for study?
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Before start’s to discuss the above points, you should know:

Why are previous years papers  so important?

The examiner does not have so much time to check all the previous year’s papers then he/she will create unique questions for you. So, if the examiner wants to create unique questions that never came to any exams then he/she will have to do lots of hard work for it.

Therefore, the examiner has no choice to repeat the questions from previous exams.

In short, the questions from previous papers were repeated in past exams and will be repeated in upcoming exams. That’s why the previous year’s papers are very much important.

You should not analyze the past papers of a decade. You should analyze previous papers at least up to the past 3 years and maximum up to 5-6 years. Because the examiner will not go beyond these years to repeat the questions in the exams.

Let’s start to discuss the benefits of the previous year’s questions papers.

1. The pattern of Exam and Questions:

The previous year’s questions papers help to understand the basic pattern of the examsA student can check which topics are very important and which is the least important.

For example, if you check the gk about Indian History, then the examiner asks many questions from Modern History and least questions from Ancient History.

Therefore, a candidate should analyze the papers according to the importance of the topic and divide the importance into 3 categories:

  • Very Important
  • Important
  • Least Important

So the questions or topics which are asked in every exam mark them very important, asked in many exams marked them Important, and which are asked very less then, mark them Least Important.

If you analyze the papers in this way then you will have another benefit. I will discuss this benefit in the next points.

2. Faster Study with Previous Year’s Questions Papers

When you know what is important and what is least important then you should give the least time to least important topics.

This will save your time on less important topics and will faster the pace of your study.

3. Depth of Exams and Questions

By analyzing the papers, a student can easily check the level of exams and questions. You can see the level of difficulty is increasing or decreasing year by year.

You can also see how the examiner is increasing or decreasing the difficulty.

You can also see the depth of questions. For example, when you will see the UPSC or PCS Past Questions paper then, the examiner asked the question in Why format. And you have to go deeper into the topic to answer the Why Format Questions.

While SSC or other state exams, the examiner asked the What Format Questions. These questions are easy to answer.

Moreover, you can see through the previous year’s papers that how the examiner tries to mold the questions to make exams difficult.

In short, by analyzing the depth of the latest exams papers, you can judge the level of upcoming eams.

4. Understand the Mind of Examiner

You can understand the mind of the examiner through the previous year’s papers. You can understand this easily by analyzing the papers of different posts.

You will see that Examiner sets the different level questions of Officer Grade Posts while the level of Question is different for the same topic of Clerical Grade Posts.

The questions for Officer Grade Posts will be difficult as compared to Clerical Grade Posts of Same Topic.

So, you can see that How the examiner plays with the topic by molding the questions to make them easy or difficult.

In Other Words, you can judge the level of upcoming exams by understanding the mind of the examiner.

5. Sets Direction of Study

Previous Year’s Questions Papers have the power to set the direction of your study. By analyze these papers, you will know that what should you study? and What should you not study?

You can see the importance of topics through these papers. So, you will give time according to the importance of the topic.

If you did not analyze the previous papers then you can decide what topics should you leave?

In this way, the previous year’s papers set the direction of study.

6. Reality Check

This is the huge benefit of the previous year’s questions papers. You can check that where are you standing according to the past papers.

You can see that What is your strong points and weak points according to these points.

After seeing your weak points, you will make a strategy to make those points strong. And you will pay more attention and give more time to your weak points.

In this way, you will make your study strong and then, nobody can beat you in your exams.

In other words, this reality check will give you big benefits to prepare for competitive exams.

7. Works as Mock Test

The past papers can also work as a Mock test. This is another great benefit to these papers.

You can use these papers as Mock Test at Home. You should sets same the environment and time frame of examination hall at your home and solve the past paper.

A candidate should solve at least one past paper under the same conditions of the examination hall. This will give you a free mock test as well as the practice of papers.

It will help to get the best marks in the exams.

8. Build Confidence

When you will do the following activities by analyzing the papers:

  • Prepare importance topics first
  • Make weak points strong
  • Gives mock test under the same conditions of the examination

Then, these activities will boost your confidence automatically. You will not need extra efforts to build your confidence.

So, it is natural that you can clear any exams easily.

According to me, These are some benefits of the previous year’s papers.

I hope that this article gives you some information regarding the benefits of the previous year’s questions papers.

Please tell me, which benefits you like most regarding the past papers.

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