How to Prepare Urdu Language Test For PWB (Punjab Waqk Board) Exams 2020-21?

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The Urdu Language Test is only qualifying in nature for Punjab Wakf Board Exam 202-21. Anybody can easily pass this test with a good strategy & hard work. You need 40% marks to qualify for this test for all the exams in Punjab Waqf Board. The numbers of this language test will not be added … Read more

Punjab Wakf Board Exam [2020-21] Rules MCQ (Clerk, Senior Assistant & Officer, etc.) Part – 03

3 Important Questions of Punjab Wakf Board Rules

This is another great part regarding Punjab Waqf Board Rules. These questions are important. Therefore, you should definitely go through these questions to crack this exam. Que 21: Who can donate to Waqf according to Waqf Rules? Owner’s Brothers or Children Owner’s Relatives Owner’s Only All of the above Que 22: Who can investigate & … Read more

Punjab Waqf Board Exam [2020-21] Rules MCQ (Clerk, Senior Assistant & Officer, etc.) Part – 02

Four Questions regarding Punjab Waqf Board Rules

These questions are the best regarding the Rules of Punjab Waqf Board Exams 2020-21. These questions can help you to get a good score for this section of exams such as 8 out of 10 marks. Que 11: What is Mutawalli? An Official Document An Appointed Person A Property of Board A Rule of Board … Read more

MCQ Of Punjab Waqf Board Exam 2020-21(Clerk, Senior Assistant & Officer, etc.) Part – 01

Questions for Punjab WAKF BOARD Various Post

The examiner will ask 10 questions regarding the Punjab WAQF Board. These 10 questions will be easy to moderate. You need to get 16 marks to get out of this section. These questions are the best question that the examiner can ask about the Punjab WAQF Board Exam 2020 (Clerk, Senior Assistant, Legal Support Assistant … Read more