Punjab GK MCQ (Important Questions For Upcoming Punjab Exams) – Part 1

This Punjab Gk MCQ is very helpful to you because it contains the real questions and these questions are asked in various Government Exams. Everyone knows the examiner will repeat gk questions from previous exams.

So, this Punjab GK MCQ is the smart work to prepare for Punjab Sarkari Naukri. 

Punjab GK MCQ  Part 1

1. The area towards South to river Sutlej in Punjab is:    

    (A) Malwa

    (B) Majha

    (C) Doaba

    (D) Poadh

2. Which of the following wildlife is situated at the confluence of Beas And Sutlej rivers bordering Taran Taran, Kapurthala and Ferozepur districts? 

    (A) Bir Bhadson

    (B) Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary

    (C) Harike-Ke-Pattan

    (D) Bir Gopalpura

3. Where did Guru Nanak Dev finally settle down? 

   (A) Kiratpur

   (B) Talwandi

   (C) Sultanpur

   (D) Kartarpur

4. When was Guru Tegh Bahadur executed? 

     (A) AD 1670

     (B) AD 1675

     (C) AD 1680

     (D) AD 1685

5. Identify the leader of the Dal Khalsa: 

    (A) Baba Deep Singh

    (B) Charat Singh Sukarchakia

    (C) Jassa Singh Ahluwalia

    (D) Akali Phoola Singh

6. ‘Zafarnama’ was a letter written to a Mughal emperor by which of the following Sikh Gurus?
    A) Guru Arjan Dev Ji

    B) Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

    C) Guru Gobind Singh Ji

    D) Guru Har Rai Ji

7. Chandigarh is located at the foot of the : 

     A) Shimla Hills

     B) Morni Hills

     C) Himalayan Range

     D) Shivalik Hills

8. Rajasthan Canal emanates from which point? 

    A) Harike

   B) Rampura Phul

   C) Jaito

   D) Dabwali

9. Sardar Sham Singh Attari died fighting in which battle?  
    a) Battle of Mudki
    b) Battle of Peshawar
    c) Battle of Saragarhi
    d) Battle of Sabraon

10. The word “Punjab” has originated from which language?
      a) Arabic
      b) Urdu
      c) Persian
     d) Hindi

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