Punjab GK MCQ (Important Questions Only) – Part 3

The best to prepare Punjab GK through these MCQs. These Punjab GK MCQ’s are help you to check your current knowledge about Punjab GK. After Checking your knowledge, you can improve your weak points in this section. 

                                       Punjab GK MCQ  - Part 3

1. When Ranjit Singh was declared the Maharajah of Punjab? 

    (B) AD 1801

    (C) AD 1805

    (D) AD 1809

2. Who was appointed the President of the Board of Administration in Punjab? 

    (A) Henry Lawrence

    (B) John Lawrence

    (C) John Nicholson

    (D) Charles Napier

3. Who is associated with the Agrarian Unrest of 1907 in Punjab? 

   (A) Lala Hardayal

   (B) Bhagat Singh

   (C) Dayal Singh Majithia

   (D) Sardar Ajit Singh

4. The “Cotton Belt” of Punjab is located in which Physiographic region of Punjab? 

   (A) Majha

   (B) Malwa

   (C) Doaba

   (D) Sanjha

5. Which of the following is Not district of Punjab? 

   (A) Abohar

   (B) Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar

   (C) Mansa

   (D) Muktsar

6. According to the 2011 census, what is the sex ratio (No. of females per thousand males) of Punjab? 

   (A) 875

   (B) 885

   (C) 895

   (D) 905

7. Which famous Punjabi author’s autobiography is titled “Rasidit Ticket”? 

    (A) Lala Hardayal

    (B) Amrita Pritam

    (C) Shiv Kumar Batalavi

    (D) Nanak Singh

8. “Chak Nanki” founded by Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji later became famous as    

   (A) Anandpur Sahib

   (B) Goindwal Sahib

   (C) Khadur Sahib

   (D) Fatehgarh Sahib

9. Who was the First Governor of Punjab? 

    (A) Chandulal Madhavlal Trivedi

    (B) C.P.N. Singh

    (C) Dharam Vira

    (D) OM Prakash Verma


10. Which of the following is the most flood-prone district in Punjab? 

      (A) Roop Nagar

      (B) Gurdaspur

      (C) Hoshiarpur

      (D) Patiala


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