Punjab GK MCQ (Important Questions Only) – Part 5

These Punjab GK MCQ are good for checking your knowledge in Punjab GK. You can see where your knowledge is standing in this section of Punjab Government Exams. After analyzing, you can make strategy according to your performance. 

Punjab GK MCQ  - Part 5

1. What is ‘Sagi Phul’ in Punjabi culture? 

     a) Flower
     b) Folk Dance
     c) An Ornament
     d) A Musical Instrument

2. Which of the following crop doesn’t belong to Millet Family? 

    a) Bajra
    b) Jowar
    c) Ragi
    d) Bhut Muri

3. The State Bird of Punjab is ?  

     a) Peacock
     b) Pheasant
     c) Goshawk
     d) Shikra

4. Punjabi poet Surjit Patar had won the Sahitya Academy Award for his book titled? 

     a) Hawa Vich Likhe Harf
     b) Hanere Vich Sulagdi Varnmala
     c) Birch Arz Kare
     d) Mera Desh Punjab

5. Guru Nanak Dev Ji attained enlightenment at the bank of which river? 

    a) Ganga
    b) Bein
    c) Ramsar
    d) Sutlej

6. Who amongst the following was the first lady Chief Minister of Punjab? 

    a) Kiran Bedi
    b) Seema Roy
    c) Rajinder Kaur Bhattal
    d) Bibi Jagir Kaur

7. The Science City of Punjab is located in which district of Punjab?
    a) Jalandhar
    b) Ludhiana
    c) Moga
    d) Kapurthala

8. Where is the Manchester of Punjab?
     a) Jalandhar
     b) Ludhiana
     c) Chandigarh
     d) Amritsar

9. What is the Greek name of river Jhelum?
     a) Hydaspes
     b) Hydroatis
     c) Hyphasis
    d) Hesidros

10. Which Guru compiled the Adi Granth?
      a) Guru Hargobind Ji
      b) Guru Gobind Singh Ji
      c) Guru Angad Dev Ji
      d) Guru Arjan Dev Ji

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