Punjab GK Questions (Asked in Govt. Exams) Part-11

The Punjab GK Questions play a vital role to get good marks in Punjab Government Exams. I am very much assured that these Punjab GK MCQs will help you a lot in the upcoming examination. 

Punjab GK Questions  Part-11

1.  In which of the following districts of Punjab is the ‘Kathalur-Kushlian Wildlife Sanctuary’ located? 

   a) Rupnagar
   b) Fazilka
   c)  Pathankot
   d) Hoshiarpur

2. Famous Punjabi folk artist, Manpreet Akhtar, was a 

   a)  Musician
   b)  Painter
   c)  Singer
   d)  Dancer

3. One of the following personalities is called “Bearded Mother Teresa”? 

   a)  Kushwant Singh
   b) Gurdial Singh
   c)  Bhagat Puran Singh
   d) Jaspreet Singh Dhillon

4. The youngest person to win the Sahitya Akademi Award was 

   a) Gurdial Singh
   b) Amrita Pritam
   c)  Shiv Kumar Batalvi
   d) Khuswant Singh

5. In the Vedic age, the land of Punjab was called 

   a) Punj-Ab
   b) Sapta-Sindhu
   c)  Panchnanda
   d)  Panchnada

6. Lord Hardinge declared war against the Sikhs in 

   a) 1845
   b) 1855
   c)  1865
   d) 1875

7. Komagata Maru was the name of 

   a) Religious Movement
   b) City
   c)  Social Group
   d) Ship


8. Kal Baisakhi is associated with  

   a) Punjab
   b) Kashmir
   c) Karnataka
   d) West Bengal

9. The Sikh Khalsa was founded by  

   a) Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji
   b) Sri Guru Hargobind Ji
   c) Sri Guru Nanak Ji
   d) Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

10. Punjab has an international border with which of the following countries?
   a) Afganistan
   b) Pakistan
   c) Nepal 
   d) China

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