Punjab GK Questions (Important MCQ) Part – 16

These Punjab GK Questions will be very helpful for you. I have created these MCQ according to the examiner’s point of view. You will find useful information from questions also.

Ques 01: Kamagata Maru was renamed as Guru Nanak Jahaz. This Jahaz was chartered from Hong Kong to Canada with Indian emigrants in 1914 by Gurdit Singh. Kamagata Maru was a/an:

     (a)  British Steamer 
     (b)  American Steamer
     (c)  Japanese Steamer
     (d)  Candian Steamer 


Ques 02: Shaheed Rajguru was known as Gunman (Sharp Shooter) of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Army (HSRA). What is the full name of Shaheed Rajguru?

     (a)  Shivaram Hari Rajguru
     (b)  Ram Rajan Rajguru
     (c)  Krishan Ram Rajguru
     (d)  Ram Das Rajguru


Ques 03: Punjab is the leading producer in the Citrus Fruit Kinnow. Kinnow is mainly produced in Punjab? 

     (a)  Doaba
     (b)  Malwa
     (c)  Majha
     (d) Majha-Doaba


Ques 04: The Ranjit Sagar Dam is a Hydro Electric Project is located at River Ravi. The Ranjit Sagar Dam is also known as?

     (a)  Shahpurkandi Dam
     (b)  Sher-E-Punjab Dam
     (c)  Thein Dam
     (d)  None of the above


Ques 05: The Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a secular character of his state because his court was full of Hindu, Muslims, & French Officers.  In his court, Fakir Aziz-Ud-Din (A Muslim) was his………………..?

     (a)  Chief Minister
     (b)  Prime Minister
     (c)  Finance Minister
     (d)  Foreign Minister


Ques 06:  The Takht Shri Hazur Sahib Ji is where Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji left this world. Shri Hazur Sahib Ji is built on the banks of………….?

     (a)  Ganga
     (b)  Mahanadi
     (c)  Kaveri
     (d)  Godavari


Ques 07:  Banda Singh Bahadur was original name was Lachhman Dev. Banda Singh was given to him by………….?

     (a) Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji
     (b) Bairagi Janki Prasad
     (c) Bairagi Ram Das 
     (d) Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji

Ques 08:  Brahmo Samaj Movement was the first socio-religious reform movement in Punjab which came from outside in Punjab. Brahmo Samaj founded by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1828 in Calcutta. He came to Punjab from…………?

     (a) Bombay
     (b) Delhi
     (c) Patna
     (d) Hyderabad


Ques 09:  Chandigarh is the common capital of Punjab & Haryana. The Chandigarh is the Captial of Punjab only from ………?

     (a)  1947 to 1966
     (b)  1951 to 1966
     (c)   1952 to 1966
     (d)   1953 to 1966


Ques 10:  Punjab has five divisions. The largest division of Punjab is?

     (a)  Patiala Division
     (b)  Jalandhar Division
     (c)   Ferozpur Division
     (d)   Faridkot Division


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