Punjab GK Questions (Important GK MCQ ) – Part 7

These Punjab GK Questions are perfect for your preparation of Punjab Govt. Exams. These Punjab GK MCQ will help you to understand the Level of Punjab GK in the upcoming exams of Punjab Government. 

Punjab GK Questions  - Part 7

1. Le Corbusier, the architect of Chandigarh was a 

      (a) French Architect
      (b) Greek Architect
      (c) Russian Architect
      (d) Spanish Architect

2. Bhakra Dam is situated on which river? 
     a) Beas
     b) Satluj
     c) Ravi
    d) Chenab

3. Who is the first Punjabi novelist to get Jananpith Award?
    a) Nanak Singh
    b) Gurdial Duggal
    c) Gurdial Singh
    d) Nanak Duggal

4. Who was the pioneer of the Punjabi Suba movement?
    a) Master Tara Singh
    b) Master Kapoor Singh
    c) Giani Kartar Singh
    d) Darshan Singh Pheruman

5.  How many times Dr. Gopi Chand Bhargava (The First CM of Punjab) became CM of Punjab?
     a) 01
     b) 02
     c) 03
     d) 04

6. Where was the first Anglo Sikh battle fought?
    a) Mudki
    b) Pheru Shahar
    c) Sabraon
   d) Ramnagar

7. The ‘Khalsa’ was founded on:
    a) Vaisakhi of 1699
    b) Maghi of 1705
    c) Vaisakhi of 1799
    d) Maghi of 1666

8. Guru Gobind Singh fought his first battle at:
    a) Bhangani
    b) Muktsar
    c) Anand Pur
   d) Chamkaur

9. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was from:
   a) Bhangi Misl
   b) Sukerchakia Misl
   c) Nishanwalia Misl
   d) Kros Singhia Misl

10. The Treaty of Amritsar between the Sikhs and the British was signed in:
     a) 1809
     b) 1811
    c) 1813
    d) 1835

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