Punjab GK Questions (Asked in Punjab Govt. Exams ) – Part 9

These Punjab GK Questions are prepared according to the need of Punjab Government Exams. These Punjab GK Quiz questions have the high chances to come next in the upcoming exams of Punjab Govt. Jobs Exams. 

Punjab GK Questions  - Part 9

1. Find the incorrect match. 
   1. Algoza – Ornament
   2. Luddi – Instrument
   3. Hansli – Dance
     (a) Only 1
     (b) 1 and 3
     (c) Only 2
    (d) 1, 2 and 3

2. Two statements are given. Choose the correct option :   
Statement 1 :
  The Treaty of Lahore was signed between Lord Hardinge and Maharaja Ranjit Singh.
Statement 2 :
  Maharaja Ranjit Singh belonged to Phulkian Misl.
  (a) Only statement 1 is correct
  (b) Only statement 2 is correct
  (c) Both statement 1 and statement 2 are correct
  (d) Both statement 1 and statement 2 are false

3. Which among the following Gurus established the Manji System to spread the message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji? 
    (a) Guru Angad Dev Ji
    (b) Guru Amar Das Ji
    (c) Guru Ram Das Ji
    (d) Guru Arjan Dev Ji

4. Who among the following issued Nanak Shahi Coins? 
    (a) Baba Deep Singh
    (b) Maharaja Ranjit Singh
    (c) Banda Singh Bahadur
    (d) Maharaja Dalip Singh

5. ‘Kup-Rohira’ Memorial near Malerkotla has been built to commemorate 
    (a) Chhota Ghallughara
    (b) Vadda Ghallughara
    (c) Battle of Nadaun
    (d) Battle of Chamkaur

6. How many Parliamentary constituencies in Punjab? 

    (a) 17
    (b) 16
    (c) 14
    (d) 13

7. “Hazur Sahib” Gurudwara, which is one of the five takhts of Sikhism, is located at which one of the flowing places? 

    (a)  Amritsar
    (b) Patna
    (c) Nanded
    (d) Bhatinda

8. Who amongst the following were a devotional saint and a cobbler by profession? 

    (a) Tulsidas Ji
    (b) Surdas Ji
    (c) Ravidas Ji
    (d) Malukdas Ji

9. When is the ‘National Panchayati Raj Day’ observed in the state of Punjab?

   (a) 13th April
   (b) 24th April
    (c) 1st May
    (d) 1st November

10. What is the script in which the ‘Dasam Granth’ has been written?                

      (a) Devnagri
      (b) Urdu
      (c) Gurmukhi
      (d) Persian

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