Punjab GK Questions For Competitive Exams Part – 18

There are very high chances that these Punjab GK Questions can be asked in Upcoming Exams of Punjab Government Exams. Because these questions are prepared according to the choice of Examiner.

This Punjab GK MCQ will be more fruitful for you if you have read Punjab GK from any book.

Ques 01: The Greeks called the Punjab as? (Important)

     (a) Hexpotamia
     (b) Dexapotamia
     (c) Pentopotamia
     (d) Tripotamia  

Ques 02: How many Sikh Misls (Misals) are mentioned in Sikh History? (Sikh Misls Examiner Favorites)

     (a) 11
     (b) 12
     (c) 13
     (d) 10

Ques 03: Phumani is an ornament in Punjab. This ornament is worn in? (Asked in Exams)

     (a) Nose
     (b) Head
     (c) Foot
     (d) Ear 

Ques 04: Giani – Sachar Formula was formed by: (Asked in Exams)

     (a) Bhim Sen Sachar – Giani Kartar Singh
     (b) Bhim Sen Sachar – Giani Gurbachan Singh
     (c) Bhim Sen Sachar – Giani Zail Singh
     (d) Bhim Sen Sachar – Giani Gurmukh Sikh Musafir  

Ques 05:  ‘Operation Flood’ launched in 1969 – 70 in Punjab is: (Asked in Exams)

     (a) Concerned with control of floods
     (b) Concerned with canal irrigation in Punjab
     (c) Significantly increasing (flooding) the supply of foodgrains.
     (d) Concerned with milk  

Ques 06:  Which of the following is not connected with Adi Granth? (Asked in Exams)

     (a) Bahi Gurdas 
     (b) Banda Bahadur
     (c) Bhai Man Singh
     (d) Baba Budha  

Ques 07: Sammi is a traditional dance of Punjab. It is popular in which area? (Asked in Exams)

     (a) Sandalbar
     (b) Lahore
     (c) Mulltan
     (d) Jalandhar

Ques 08: The Jarag Fair is held in Chet (March-April) in the honor of? (Important)

     (a) Goddess Laxmi
     (b) Goddess Kali Mata
     (c) Goddess Seetla
     (d) Goddess Vaishno Devi

Ques 09: The Punjabi Language is listed in which Schedule of the Constitution of India? (V.Important)

     (a) Schedule V
     (b) Schedule VI
     (c) Schedule VIII
     (d) Schedule IX

Ques 10: Saraswati Samman Award was instituted in 1991by K.K. Birla Foundations. Which one of the following Punjabi Writer won this award? (Literature Awards are always important)

     (a) Amrita Pritam
     (b) Balwant Gargi
     (c) Gurdial Singh
     (d) Harbhajan Singh

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