Punjab GK Questions (Helpful MCQ) Part – 15

These Punjab GK Questions are awesome. I have given some extra information within the questions as well as the answer. Many questions are asked by the examiner from this type of information

These questions help you to check your knowledge as well as give you some important information with the point of view of Punjab Exams.

Que 01.  According to the Census 2011, which religious community in Punjab is in minority according to the population? 
     (a)  Muslims
     (b)  Christians
     (c)  Jain 
     (d) Buddisht

Que 02.  Which tehsil does not have an urban population in Punjab? 
     (a)  Khadur Sahib
     (b)  Patti
     (c)  Banga 
     (d) Nabha

Que 03.  Dr. Gopi Chand Bhargava was the first Chief Minister of Punjab after the independence from 1947 to 1949. Who is the 2nd Chief Minister of Punjab? 
     (a)  Ram Krishan
     (b)  Partap Singh Kairon
     (c)  Bhim Sen Sachar 
     (d) Justice Gurnam Singh

Que 04. Punjab is divided into three parts such as Majha, Doaba, & Malwa. Which one of these has the maximum number of districts under it? 
     (a)  Majha
     (b)  Doaba
     (c)  Malwa 
     (d) None of the above

Que 05. The ancient name of the Satluj river is Satlutri. The Satluj river originates in:

     (a)  Dal Lake
     (b)  Rakas Lake
     (c)  Wular Lake 
     (d) Damdama Lake

Que 06. Kanji Wetland is a wetland of international importance (Ramsar Sites) and located in the Kapurthala district of Punjab. It is a/an 
     (a)  Natural Wetland
     (b)  Man-Made Wetland
     (c)  Semi Wetland (Half Man-Made & Half Natural)
     (d) None of the above

Que 07.  The Black Buck (Antelope Cerricapra L.) is the state animal of Punjab, India. Which wildlife sanctuary in Punjab is famous for “Black Buck” in Punjab?

     (a)  Harike-E-Pattan Wildlife Sanctuary
     (b)  Bir Motibagh Sanctuary
     (c)  Nangal Wildlife Sanctuary 
     (d) Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary

Que 08.  How many hymns are composed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

     (a)  950
     (b)  949
     (c)  948
     (d) 947

Que 09. Which Guru Sahib Ji started the tradition of Mal Akhara? 

     (a)  Guru Amar Das Ji
     (b)  Guru Nanak Dev Ji
     (c)  Guru Angad Dev Ji
     (d) Guru Ram Das Ji

Que 10. Nanak Singh got Sahitya Akademi award in 1962 for?

     (a)  Chitta Lahu
     (b)  Pavittar Pape
     (c)  Faludi Phul
     (d) Ikk Mian Do Talwara

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