Punjab GK Questions (Asked in Govt. Exams) Part-13

These Punjab GK Questions are perfect for your preparation of Punjab Govt. Exams. Because Punjab GK Questions are created according to the examiner’s point of view. 

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Punjab GK Questions Part-13

1. Which of the following Princely state(s) formed part of PEPSU

   1.Nalagarh   2.Kalsia   3. Jind   4. Junagarh

Choose the answer from the following: Options:`
   A) 1 and 2
   B) 1 and 3
   C) 1,2 and 3
   D) 2,3 and 4

2. After Amrita Pritam, who is the second Punjabi writer to bag the Jnanpith Award?
    A) Sr. Nanak Singh
    B) Sr. Gurdial Singh
    C) Sr. Gurdial Duggal
    D) Shiv Kumar Batalwi

3. Who of the following are the prominent leader(s) of the Punjabi Suba Movement?
    1) Master Tara Singh
    2) Fateh Singh
    3) Master Mohan
Choose the answer from the following:
   A)Only 1
   B)Only 2
   C)1 and 2
   D)1 and 3

4. PEPSU state was merged with Punjab in which year?
   A) 1952
   B) 1954
   C) 1956
   D) 1958

5. Arrange the following Chief Ministers of Punjab in chronological order:

     1.Zail Singh    2.Darbara Singh    3.Gopi Chand Bhargava

Choose the answer from the following :
    A) 1,2,3
    B) 3,1,2
    C) 3,2,1
    D) 2,1,3

6. Of the five Takhts of Sikhism, how many are located in Punjab?
    A) Two
    B) One
    C) Four
    D) Three

7. The Punjabi language is considered to be a successor of which language?
    A) Sauraseni Prakrit
    B) Hindawi
    C) Urdu
    D) Pali

8. Which one of the following was NOT a member of the Hunter Committee set up to enquire into the Jallianwala bagh Massacre?
      A) Lord Hunter
      B) W.F.Rice
      C) Sir Thomas Smith
      D) Sir Charles Metcalfe

9. Which Land Revenue System replaced the Batai System during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh?
     A) Zabti System
     B) Kankut System
     C) Nasqa System
     D) None of the above

10. Who is the Architect of Virasat-e-Khalsa Heritage complex in Anandpur Sahib?
     A) Moshe Safdie
     B) Jean Nouvel
     C) John Pawson
     D) Henry Price


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