Punjab GK Questions For Competitive Exams Part – 17

This Punjab GK Questions part has some unique questions about Punjab GK which you will not find any other website. These unique questions have their own importance because the questions related to these questions have been asked in exams.

Ques 01: Lord Hardinge declared the war against Sikhs in : (Asked in Exams)

     (a) 1844
     (b) 1845
     (c) 1846
     (d) 1847 

Ques 02: There were 08 princely states under the PEPSU. Which one of the following is not the states under the PEPSU: (Asked in Exams)

     (a) Nabha
     (b) Jind 
     (c) Faridkot 
     (d) Firozpur 

Ques 03: The government of PEPSU formally started functions on  20 August 1948 with a Rajpramukh or Governor & Chief Minister. Who was it’s Governor & CM at that time : (PEPSU Examiner Favorite)

     (a) Maharaja Yadvindra Singh & Sardar Gian Singh Rarewala  
     (b) Maharaja Yadvindra Singh & Dr. Gopi Chand Bhargav 
     (c) Maharaja Dalip Singh & Master Tara Singh 
     (d) None of the Above 

Ques 04: Which of the following was chosen as the Capital of PEPSU on 20 August 1948? (V.Important)

     (a) Nabha  
     (b) Jind 
     (c) Kapurthala 
     (d) Patiala

Ques 05: Which one of the following revolutionaries of Punjab has done his education from the University of California Berkley? : (Asked in Exams)

     (a) S. Udham Singh  
     (b) Sh. Madan Lal Dhingra 
     (c) S. Kartar Singh Sarabha 
     (d) Lala Lajpat Rai 

Ques 06: ‘Guru-Ki-Kashi’ is another name for which one of the following? (Asked in Exams) 

     (a) Damdama Sahib  
     (b) Anandpur Sahib 
     (c) Goendwal Sahib 
     (d) Khadur Sahib 

Ques 07: On 20th June 1947, A Punjab Boundary Commission was set up to delimit the boundaries of West & East. Who was appointed as the Chairman of this commission: (High Chances to be asked in Exams)

     (a) Mr. Clement Attlee  
     (b) Lord Mountbatten 
     (c) Sir Cyrill Radcliff
     (d) Lord Lee 


Ques 08: Name the two prominent leaders of the Punjabi Suba Movement : (Important)

     (a) Master Tara Singh & Justice Teja Singh
     (b) Master Tara Singh & Sant Fateh Singh 
     (c) Justice Teja Singh & Sant Fateh Singh
     (d) J.C. Shah & S.Dutt

Ques 09: Which area of Punjab is called as “Area of White Gold”? (Important)

     (a) Malwa   
     (b) Majha
     (c) Doaba   
     (d) East of Doaba & West of Majha


Ques 10: Which land of Punjab is called as “Shaheedon-Ki-Dharti ” (The Land of Martyrs)  : (Important)

     (a) Faridkot  
     (b) Fazilka
     (c) Moga
     (d) Firozpur


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