Punjab Patwari Agriculture Questions – Part 05

These Patwari Agriculture Questions have the highest chances to come in the upcoming patwari exams.

Because these questions are chosen after analyzing the previous papers of Punjab Patwari Exams.

01.  When was the forest conservation act was passed in India? (Important)

     (a) 1977
     (b) 1978
     (c) 1979
     (d) 1980


02. The agriculture minister of India is Sh. Narendra Singh Tomar. He belongs to which the state of India?

     (a) Madhya Pradesh
     (b) Delhi
     (c) Bihar
     (d) Gujrat


03. The plants which produced their food themselves are called?

     (a) Misotrophs
     (b) Phototrophs
     (c) Indedpnedtrophs
     (d) None of the abov


04. Which central agriculture university has the only multistate university with many colleges among 7 states? (Important)

     (a) Central Agriculture University of  Ludhiana Punjab
     (b) Central Agriculture University of Bihar
     (c) Central Agriculture University of UP
     (d) Central Agriculture University of Imphal Manipur


05. Which agriculture award is given to women of India by ICAR? (Important)

     (a) The Agricultural Women Award
     (b) Pride of Indian Agricultural Award
     (c) Panjabrao Deshmukh Award
     (d) None of these


06. Kurukshetra is an important magazine related to agriculture. This magazine is published by?  (Important)

     (a) Ministry of Rural Development
     (b) Indian Council of Agricultural Research
     (c) Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
     (d) Ministry of Home Affairs


07. Dr. Krishna Lal Chadda is the father of the “Golden Revolution” in India. He was born in   
     (a) Jalandhar
     (b) Ludhiana
     (c) Sialkot
     (d) Lahore


08. India celebrated National Kisan Day / Farmer’s Day on 23rd December of every year. The Kisan Day is celebrated on the birthday of? (Important)

     (a) Jawahar Lal Nehru
     (b) Choudary Charan Singh
     (c) Rajiv Gandhi
     (d) Dr. Rajendra Prashad


09. Which of the following is known as 2nd Shilajeet?
     (a) Yellow Musli
     (b) Safed Musli
     (c) Red Musli
     (d) Powerful Musli


10. Which part of Ashwagandha is used to make general medicine from it? (Important)

     (a) Leaves
     (b) Fruit
     (c) Husk Seed
     (d) Root


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