Punjab Patwari Agriculture Questions (Important) – Part 4

These Punjab Patwari Agriculture Questions will play a good role to your preparation of Punjab Patwari Exam 2020. I choose the those question which can come in the exams. Moreover, I give some extra information regarding these question for more concept clarity.

Punjab Patwari Agriculture Questions – Part 4

01.  Which of the following farming is known as “Cash Crops”? (Important)
     (a) Extensive Farming
     (b) Terrace Farming
     (c) Mixed Cropping
     (d) Commercial Agriculture

02. The Plantation Agriculture is the type of?  
     (a) Commercial Agriculture
     (b) Mixed Cropping
     (c) Terrace Farming
     (d) Extensive Farming

03. What is the mixed cropping in agriculture? 
     (a) Farming on steps cut on the mountainous regions.
     (b) When two or more than two crops are grown simultaneously in the same field.
     (c) Agriculture with large machinery.
     (d) Higher use of capital & labor. 

04. the main benefit of Terrace Farming?  
     (a) Prevent soil erosion.
     (b) It can manage well than other farming types. 
     (c) To use more machinery than labor.
     (d) It can be used in flatlands.

05. Define “Extensive Agriculture”?
     (a) Use of large labor in agriculture.
     (b) Use of large fertilizer
     (c) Farming with extensive use of machinery.
     (d) Use of less machinery.

06. What is “Subsistance Agriculture”?
     (a) Very beneficial for the farmers.
     (b) the farmer used output for its livelihood without any surplus for trade. 
     (c) Use of extensive machinery for greater output. 
     (d) None of the above.

07. “Shifting Agriculture” also known as? 
     (a) Slash & Burn Agriculture
     (b) Jhumming Agriculture in N-E states like Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram & Nagaland.
     (c) Known as  Pamlou in Manipur
     (d) All of the above.

08. Fodder Crops are used for the feed of?   
     (a) Animals like cows, sheeps, pigs, rabbits, horses, chickens & buffalos, etc.
     (b) Dogs
     (c) Lions
     (d) Both a & b

09. Which of the following is called “Monsoon Crops”?
     (a) Kharif Crops
     (b) Rabi Crops
     (c) Zaid Crops
     (d) None of the Above.

10. Rabi Crops are sown in?
     (a) Jan-Feb
     (b) May-June (Summer)
     (c) Oct-Dec (Winter)
     (d) None of the Above

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