Punjab Patwari Agriculture Questions Part-06

These Agriculture Questions help you to crack the Punjab Patwari Exam. These questions are chosen very wisely so that you get more & more benefits in a short time.

Ques 01: The ‘Growth of Plant’ is measured by ? (V.Important)

     (a) Tensiometer
     (b) Cambel Stokes
     (c) Anemometer 
     (d) Crescograph

Ques 02: The Word ‘Monsoon’ is originated from language?  (Important)

     (a) Arabic
     (b) Greek
     (c) English
     (d) Sanskrit

Ques 03: Which was the first country to introduce the Drip Irrigation System? (Asked in Exams)

     (a) USA
     (b) Israel
     (c) China
     (d) India

Ques 04: The term Propping is connected with? (Important)

     (a) Tea
     (b) Jute
     (c) Sugarcane
     (d) Banana

Ques 05: Which is the main protein in the Rice ? (Asked in Exams)

     (a) Polamin
     (b) Ferritin
     (c) Oryzenin
     (d) None of the above

Ques 06: The Khaira Disease in rice is due to Zinc Deficiency. At Which Stage this disease come in? (Asked in Exams)

     (a) At Riping Stage
     (b) At Flowering Stage
     (c) At Vegetative Stage
     (d) At Nursery Stage

Ques 07:  The browning of rice is caused the Iron Toxicity. Which is the variety of rice tolerance to iron toxicity? (V. Important)

     (a) Phalguna
     (b) Halguana
     (c) Khaguna
     (d) None of the above

Ques 08: The reclamation disease of cereals is caused by deficiency? (Disease Ques. are always important)

     (a) Zinc
     (b) Copper
     (c) Solicon
     (d) Less Water

Ques 09: The wheat protein which is essential for good bread & Chapati making?  (Important)

     (a) Gladin
     (b) Polamin
     (c) Gluten
     (d) None of above

Ques 10: The Triticum Aestivum is the botanical name of ? (V.Important)

     (a) Rice
     (b) Common Bread
     (c) Mango
     (d) Yellow Pulses

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