Raavi Font Typing Tips with Smart Work

If you want to learn Raavi Font Typing faster then you will love these tips that actually work for everyone.

I am going to teach some techniques that will help the student to achieve the 30 words speed in 10 minutes.

I know that everybody wants that skill in a short time so that he/she can get Punjab Govt. Jobs in a short period of time.

Let's get started to talk about the Raavi Font Typing Tips:

Tip 1: Use All Fingers

This is the most common mistake of the students. They do not use all the fingers when they practiced typing.

I am not claiming that a person can not type faster without the use of all the fingers. But, if you are not using all the fingers for typing then it is called hard work. And it will take more time to reach 30 words per minute.

The usage of all fingers is called smart work. The keyboard is designed according to our fingers. If you see the Keyboard carefully then the Keys F and J have some kind of bars on it. This tells our mind automatically that place index finger of Right at F and Left-hand index finger at J.

Due to these bars, Our minds automatically get signal that the position of the finger is at the right place on the keyboard even without watching towards keyboards.

So, the keyboard is designed to use all the fingers easily. If you use this basic rule of the keyboard, then your typing speed will improve automatically.

2. How To Practice All Fingers In Typing?

This is the major question for me also when I started to learn Raavi Punjabi Typing. Fortunately, I got a free solution for it.

Nobody will provide you the free Raavi Typing Software with Raavi Keyboard. But, this has a solution. You should start typing first English Typing for 3-4 days on Rapid Typing Software.

Free Rapid English Typing Software
                                                   Rapid English Typing

Rapid Typing Software is free software that helps to use all fingers in English Typing. This Software tells the user that you should press the key with correct fingers.

This software is very easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface. So, within 3-4 days, I got the information regarding using all fingers on the keyboard with the help of this software.

After that, I started to use this information on Punjabi Typing. In this way, I was able to use all ten fingers on the keyboard in Raavi Punjabi Typing as well as English.

This Software is very easy to install. It has 3 versions which are completely free.

  1. Online Installation
  2. Manual Installation
  3. Portable Version

To Download Rapid Typing Software – Click Here.

3. How much Practice Time required to Learn Raavi Typing?

This question was also in my mind when I was learning this Punjabi Typing. I follow the 40-20 formula to learn Punjabi as well as English Typing.

  • Raavi Typing – 40 Minutes
  • English Typing – 20 Minutes

This formula worked for me and I was able to type 30 words per minute in 2-3 months in both the languages.

I was also a beginner when I started typing. So, If this formula works for me then it also works for you.

There is no restriction that you have to type only 1 hour a day. If you have more time then you can type more than 1 hour. It all depends on you. More practice will make your speed in typing more quickly.

But, if you type for many hours, then your fingers will feel pain. Fortunately, this problem has also a solution which I will discuss in the next point.

For Working Professional, they have to practice when they have free time in their daily routine.

4. Rest

You should not type for a long time because fingers will feel pain.

So, you should do first Raavi Punjabi Typing for 40 minutes then, take a break for 5 minutes.

Then after a break, you should start the English Typing. In this way, your fingers will feel less pain.

If you want to type 2-3 hours in a day, then you should not do this continuously.

Suppose you want to type 2 hours a day. Then, you should divide it in two shifts.

  • First Typing Shift – In the Morning
  • Second Typing Shift – In the Evening.

In this way, you will easily manage long typing practice without any difficulty.

5. First Off-Line, Then On-Line

Most students start typing On-Line on the first day. I was also one of them.

So, the students should start typing first Off-Line in the Microsoft Word for both languages.

Because, If you are typing Off-Line then you can type for a long time without any disturbance. While On-Line, you can type for 10 minutes only for one exercise.

Therefore, On-Line Typing breaks the rhythm of typing after 10 minutes. While in Off-Line, you can maintain this rhythm.

Off-Line Typing has one major benefit also. This benefit is hidden in the resource which you use for typing Off-Lin.e

For Off-Line Punjabi Typing, you can use any Punjabi Book or Newspaper. But, my personal suggestion is that you should type Punjabi Grammar Book to type Off-Line Raavi Typing.

This method will prepare your Punjabi Grammar Section automatically for the Punjab Govt. Exams.

In the Same Way, For Off-Line English, you should use any GK books such as Indian Modern History, etc Or Current Affairs Magazine.  This will help you with your exams automatically.

6. Practice Daily

Many students do practice typing for 2-3 days. Then, they break their daily routine of typing for 1-2 days. And follows this routine continuously.

This is a big mistake for the students. You can not achieve your target with this routine.

If you type for 30 minutes in a day on a regular basis that method also works. But, if you type for two days and then skips the 1-2 days. Then it is very tough for you to achieve the 30 words/min speed in both languages.

So, practice daily is the must-have condition to get the required speed in both languages.

To practice daily, a person should have a strong focus and belief is required. This is my next tip for you.

7. Focus and Believe in Yourself

Believe: When I started Raavi Font Typing, my speed is zero. If I can reach zero to 30+ speed in both the languages then anyone can do this task very easily.

Focus: I was very focused to achieve my target and very rarely skip the daily typing practice. I used two techniques to maintain my focus.

  • Yoga or Meditation: I do every day Anulom-Vilom for 10 minutes and It helps me to make my focus strong. You should try Anulom-Vilom for 10 minutes daily for a week. Then you will see your memory is sharper, good focus on a task, and feel more active than past.
  • Light Exercise: I usually prefer to walk for 30 minutes daily. You can do any light exercise according to your choice.

The Yoga and Exercise will also help to remember the GK for Exams and less stress on the mind. It has dual benefits. It will work for typing as well as for exam preparation.

8. Sunday On-Line

This technique is awesome for both languages. Suppose, you did practice for Monday-Saturday daily for these six days.

Now, On Sunday, you should type On-Line for just One Exercise of Raavi Punjabi Typing and One Exercise for English Typing.

This method has two benefits.

First, You will give rest to your fingers as well as you. And believe me, on Monday after rest, your speed will improve.

Second, You can check your typing speed On-Line easily.

It is mandatory that You have two choose Sunday for Online practice. You can choose any day according to your availability or choice.

There are many websites where you can type free in Punjabi and English. The list of websites is as follows:

9. Start Typing From Now

Many students think that they will start typing when their written-exam is done. This is a very wrong technique.

A candidate should starts typing practice even before the notification of Clerks post cum out.  Typing exams have the same importance as Written.

Therefore, a candidate should starts typing practice even before the notification of Clerks post cum out.

10. Do not type Fast

The students try to type fast to make their speed 30 words/min.

This is a very wrong method because students make lots of mistakes when they try to type fast.

Keep in mind, you can do only 24 mistakes. If you make 25 then you are out of the game then nobody will check your speed. Your mistakes are enough to spoil all your hard work.

Try to typing fast has other two major disadvantages.

First, this will create the habits of making a mistake. After making a mistake, you need to correct it which is a wastage of time.

Second, To correct the word, you have to press backspace. The pressing backspace impacts the typing speed. Suppose, you press 70 times backspace. If you do not press backspace 70 times then, you can type 70 more characters which will increase your speed.

11. How to press less Backspace in Typing?

You can reduce the less backspace by following two methods.

  • First, You should type the slowly. In slowly typing, your mind has time to think which key it is going to press.
  • Second, You should press the keys from the middle. This practice will always put your hand on the right keys.

Please, note down that you can not make the speed forcefully. It will become natural with the practice.

12. Do not Remember Code

Raavi needs different-different codes types the special character as well as symbols. Students try to cram them.

These codes will automatically feed in your memory with the practice. Moreover, the examiner will not ask for very special in typing paragraphs.

He will ask to type the regular symbols which are commonly used in the Punjabi Language.

Therefore, you should not put extra pressure on yourself to remember these codes. These codes will automatically feed in your mind with practice.

Use the following Raavi Key Maps (Download Link) if you forget about a Punjabi Character or Symbol.

I hope that these Raavi Font Typing Tips will help you to make your speed in typing.

Please comment below to tell me which tips you find more useful for yourself.

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