Should we make Digital or Paper Notes for UPSC?

Note-making is important. But, the format of note-making is more important than note-making. Mostly, students are confused about the format of note-making.

And, many toppers also faced this problem. I have researched a lot about this problem. I studied toppers’ note-making processes and formats. And, I found a great solution for this problem through research and my own experience.

The best method is that a student should use both formats of note-making. Digital notes should be used for dynamic topics such as Agriculture, Cyber-Security, and Government Schemes, etc. Paper notes should be used for static topics. e.g. Arts and Culture.

UPSC Topper’s information about notemaking format:

S.NoUPSC Toppers’sRANKYearNote Making FormatRemarks of Toppers
01.Akshat Jain022018Digital & Paper———
02.Jagrati Awasthi022020Mostly OfflineMake very few notes.
03.Pratiba Verma032019Digital & Paper———–
04.Abhishek Surana102017Digital & PaperNot possible to make all notes offline as well as online.
05.Jyestha Maithrei1562017Mostly Digital———–
06.Abhijeet Yadav6532018DigitalChoose what suits you.
Toppers Note Making Format

Interesting Facts

Why should you make digital notes for dynamic topics of UPSC?

The data of dynamics topics changes more rapidly. If, we make paper notes, then soon we will run short of space to add more data on register or A4 sheets.

While digital notes have no space shortage problems, We can edit the document anywhere very easily without any headache.

Why should you make paper notes for static topics of UPSC?

The data of static topics has not changed. We will not face space shortage problems with this method. If we write something on paper then it is automatically fed into our minds.

Therefore, paper notes help to remember the topics easily, If we make paper notes then many topics will be fed into our mind automatically without extra effort.

Paper notes should be made on A4 size sheets. Because it is easy to insert an A4 sheet in between if something is left.

Both the format has their own advantages as well as disadvantages.

Following are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Digital Notes:


  • Easy to edit.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to add images & Links.
  • Well organised.
  • No space problem.

Disadvantages of Digital Notes:

  • Put strain on brain and eyes.

Following are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Paper Notes:


  • Offline notes making helps to improve your handwriting as well as develop the habit of writing.
  • Improve sentence making and spelling mistake.
  • Increase the speed of writing.
  • Help to remeber things easily.


  • Not easy to organized.
  • Not easy to carry.
  • Not easy to edit.
  • Space Problem.

In conclusion, anyone can crack exams by making paper or digital notes only. But, if you are using both methods then you can take advantage of both methods.

This article will definitely help you to make your decision. Please give feedback as it will help me to solve your problem with high-level accuracy.

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